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Oh hey look at that, it's 2011 already\!

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- Copyright (c) 2009 Michael Fellinger
- All files in this distribution are subject to the terms of the Ruby license.
+ Copyright (c) 2009 - 2011 Michael Fellinger
+ All files in this distribution are subject to the terms of the Ruby license.
# About Ramaze
@@ -380,4 +380,4 @@ I would like to thank:
* \#nitro
* \#ruby-de
* \#ruby-lang
- * \#rubyforce
+ * \#rubyforce
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-# Todo
-## Specifications
-There are quite a few specifications that are still failing, examples of these
-specs are the HTTP Digest, the Ramaze command, file dispatches and a few others.
-## Documentation
-It would be nice if Ramaze would be just as well documented as Innate.
-Currently YARD indicates that about 50% is documented, let's see if we can get that to somewhere around 80% - 90%. It's also important to keep updating the online YARD docs and
-merge the docs of Innate and Ramaze together to make it easier to use.
-## Examples
-Perhaps the examples could use a little update, some of the code is quite old (although might still work).
-## Rake tasks
-There are a few Rake tasks that are somewhat redundant such as rake release:github. Perhaps these should be removed.
-## Website
-The website could use a big overhaul. After a nice chat on IRC most of us agreed that it should
-be updated to make it easier for new users (and existing ones) to find information, read
-about real world examples and all that.
-It's important for the new website to clearly show what makes Ramaze unique along with a few links to the YARD documentation, the Github repository and so on. The old website fails in
-doing this as it's outdated, doesn't clearly indicate what Ramaze is and most important of all
-it fails to catch the user's attention.
-## Marketing
-Team Ramaze is pretty small, I (Yorick), am fairly new so I'm not exactly sure how large it
-used to be but looking at communities such as those of Rails and Sinatra we can do _much_
-better. More people usually result in more patches and real-world examples which in turn
-result in more (happy) users.

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