Humane Tech Community project for designing and launching public awareness campaigns
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Humane Tech Awareness Campaigns Humane Tech

Humane Tech Community

This project is maintained by the Humane Tech Community. In this space our members collaborate to create (social) media campaigns that aim to inform the wider public on the problems that come with modern technology and the need to address these by applying Humane Technology. Of course, non-members can contribute just as well, though - if you are as concerned as us about the impact of technology on our society - we heartily invite you to join our community!

Campaign themes

Theme Discussion Description
Dogfooding proposal, forum Using campaigns to strengthen our projects and community
Mankind 2.0 proposal, forum Raising awareness of the impact of technology on our society
Speak Easy proposal, forum Introducing language to change habits and culture
Tech Wise proposal, forum Promoting prudent technology use in child education
Resocialized Media proposal, forum Re-engineer the social values, beliefs and norms of Social Media
Digi Rights proposal, forum Applying fundamental Human Rights to the Digital Realm



Campaign Theme Discussion Description
Phone Zombies Speak Easy proposal, forum Anchoring the term "Phone Zombies" in common language
Reality Shock Mankind 2.0 proposal, forum Using short, dramatic video's to shock people into awareness
Computer Says No Speak Easy proposal, forum Little Britain's famous meme, but with a Humane Tech twist
Don't Count On Me Resocialized Media proposal, forum We don't need those Social Media metrics to socialize


Currently no Campaigns are being prepared.


Campaign Theme Discussion Description
Aware Prepare Dogfooding proposal, forum Growth hacking the Awareness Campaigns project
Eventful Dogfooding proposal, forum Foster a vibrant meetup culture, organize exciting events
Goodies Dogfooding proposal, forum Promotional materials for the Humane Tech Community


Currently no Campaigns have run to their conclusion.

Guidelines for new users

  • First time on Github? Take your first steps by joining the discussions in so-called "Issues", or create your own issue to discuss any subject you deem important to discuss at the current stage. Meanwhile, under the "Code" tab, you will find all content and resources in a structured folder hierarchy. Before new content and resources are added, they are first discussed on the Issue tracker.
  • When creating a new issue there are several types to choose from. Most issues will be of the type 'Regular issue', but to propose a new Theme, Campaign, or Deliverable, use a proposal issue. You can preview the issue templates here:
  • We are continuously improving this space to make it easier for you to participate. If you have any feedback or ideas, or need help, do not hesitate, and create an issue, or discuss on our community forum in an appropriate topic (topic links are referenced, where available).
  • Issues will have many comments, where ideas and alternatives are proposed. A thread can become too long (TL;DR) really quick, so refrain from giving comments that do not add value, and when commenting keep your text terse and concise.
  • It is important you let others know you agree 👍, or disagree 👎, or even love ❤️ her/his comment or issue. To do this, you can select an emoticon from the top-right corner button of the comment. Use them in a serious manner to indicate intent, so they do not become meaningless!
  • Be careful, when commenting, that you are on-topic to the issue at hand. If not, it is way better to create a new issue, and add a link to the original issue, plus the relevant quoted text. Github will then create a cross-reference automatically. (You can quote by prepending the quoted text with a > character per paragraph / new line. Use "Preview" to see how your formatting looks).

Project organization

The project is structured as follows:

  • Discussion and tasks - Refer to the Issue tracker
  • Campaign themes - Theme resources are in subfolders of /themes
  • Campaigns - Campaign resources are in subfolders of /campaigns
  • Strategy - General info about marketing, promotion, funding is in /strategy
  • Resources - General resources (video, images, text) of interest are in /resources


Contributions are most welcome! Be sure to read the contribution guidelines for instructions.


Creative Commons Licence
Humane Tech Awareness Campaigns by The Humane Tech Community is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

All the works in this repository are licensed under the license mentioned here, unless subfolders explicitly state a different license for the content in that particular subfolder.