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Humaniq test app (ALPHA). was deprecated in July, 2017
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Important note

This application is used only for testing purposes. It will not be moved to production. This library will become fully depricated after the main Humaniq application in August, 2017.

What is Humaniq?

Humaniq is a simple and secure 4th generation mobile banking app, based on Ethereum technologies. Safe and strong, this tool of financial inclusion connects 2 billion unbanked people to the global economy.

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Humaniq harnesses the power of Blockchain to break down barriers to earning, spending, and accessing finance. We put you in total control of all your transactions. Payments are entirely transparent and accessible at all times, and with our Blockchain-based app you can track all your funds.


Private node only

Humaniq app currently is in a pre-beta mode, and runs on the Ethereum testnet. It means that all your tokens are not real, and you can easily transact with others without worrying.

Important note

Please do not try to send tokens from your actual ETH wallet to the one being created on a testnet in this app. You will lose your money! This is a beta version and Humaniq is still in the development and testing mode.

Once again, all tokens in this app are not real.

Imporant note #2

You cannot withdraw bonus tokens from your tesnet wallet to your actual wallet. The smart contract system works, but once again, the application is run on a private testnet Ethereum.


Current library provides following functionality:

  • Bio ID — Register and authenticate using face recognition functionality.
  • Pattern passcode — for additional security constraints, create a native Android pattern passcode
  • Send and receive tokens — freely send and receive money to testnet accounts
  • Earn bonus tokens — perform social actions and receive bonus points. Egalitarian emission system is in action.


Feel free to email us at

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