Humaniq Website v2.0
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Humaniq Website v2.0

Humaniq is a simple and secure 4th generation mobile banking app, based on Ethereum technologies. Safe and strong, this tool of financial inclusion connects 2 billion unbanked people to the global economy.

Our new version of the website is built on the PWA technology to provide our users an ability to safely search the website without any internet connection.


Current website provides following functionality:

  • Wiki — Humaniq collects a huge knowledge base, indexes it and exposes to the public, for everyone's view.
  • Blockchain Explorer — Humaniq has implemented our own blockchain explorer, that allows everyone to watch HMQ token live and in action.


Feel free to email us at

For the developers


$ npm i - to install node package
$ npm run parse:mixpanel - to create data/installations.json

Main app

production mode

$ npm run build - to build project.  
$ npm start - to start node.js server
$ npm run jobs - to run schedule jobs

development mode

$ npm run dev - quick start dev server with ssr   
$ npm run dev2 - quick start dev server without ssr