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This project is no longer actively maintained, please refer to CMB2 for meta-boxes.

HM Custom Meta Boxes for WordPress
A framework for easily adding custom fields to the WordPress post edit page
A Human Made project.

Get the latest stable release

It includes several field types including WYSIWYG, media upload and dates (see wiki for a full list). It also supports repeatable and grouped fields.

This project is aimed at developers and is easily extended and customized. It takes a highly modular, Object Orientated approach, with each field as an extension of the CMB_Field abstract class.

The framework also features a basic layout engine for fields, allowing you to align fields to a simple 12 column grid.




  • For more information, including example code for usage of each field and instructions on how to create your own fields, refer to the Wiki.
  • Not covered in the Wiki? Need more help? Get in touch. or ping @mikeselander
  • Found a bug? Feature requests? Create an issue - Thanks!


This plugin is maintained by Human Made Limited

It began as a fork of Custom Meta Boxes, but is no longer compatible.

Minimum Requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.4
  • WP >= 4.1

Known Issues

  • Some fields do not work well as repeatable fields.
  • Some fields do not work well in repeatable groups.

Contribution Guidelines





  • Added group field filter
  • Cleaned up file upload styles
  • Added Hindi translation (props @ajitbohra)
  • Move all field classes to their own files
  • Add min/max attributes to number input (props @shadvb)
  • Use site language with Google Maps field (props @barryceelen)

Bug Fixes

  • Filter all arguments, not just select ones
  • Only attempt to call getimagesize() if the icon is local (props @joehoyle)
  • Add Dutch and German translations (props @barryceelen)
  • Align the file button vertically (props @ocean90)
  • Fix for multiple wysiwyg fields not displaying in groups (props @tareiking)
  • Fix incorrect gmap grouped field structure (props @dan-westall)
  • Fix enqueuing of cmb-scripts (props @barryceelen)


  • Fix repeatable fields bugs (props @barryceelen )
  • Fix gmaps field bug where key doesn't pass in correctly (props: @shadyvb )
  • PHPUnit tests for repeatable fields
  • Fix all minor WordPress VIP PHPCS errors/warnings
  • Write and complete inline documentation/doc blocks


  • Add google maps field
  • Add hide_on field argument
  • Add Composer support
  • Enhancement - enable for attachments
  • Fix bug with unattached images on custom post types
  • Fix error in WYSIWYG
  • Fix fields not getting correctly initialized if meta box is collapsed on page load
  • Fix bug with page-template restricted meta boxes showing if the post hasn't been saved at all.
  • Hook CMB in later - most post types & taxonomies should be registered then.
  • Fix Issue where different default values are used on save and init.


  • Fix bug - AJAX post select field displaying incorrect content.


  • Initial stable version of the fork.


Lets you easily create metaboxes with custom fields that will blow your mind.



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