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WordPress AI


This project is evolving quickly, and should be considered a proof-of-concept. Use it as a reference to take code, modify, learn and contribute. We are not currently providing the plugin as an end-user solution. The plugin has functional bugs, missing pieces etc.

This plugin intends to provide an AI integration layer for WordPress and aims to make building AI powered solutions easier, faster, and more collaborative. This layer is relatively unopinionated, leaving decisions of UI and workflows to the solutions built on top. It does however provider several user-facing features and capabilities as a demonstration of the possibilities.


It's our belief that AI will revolutionize the way software is built, and the way people use software. All systems, including (and especially!) Content Management Systems will have AI embedded at a deep level, to provide cohesive, well integrated experiences. This AI layer aims to augment WordPress in a deeply integrated way to provide users of WordPress with the benefits of AI & ML capabilities and provide builders a baseline of tools, primatives, APIs, and integrations to build novel AI solutions for clients, products, and anyone else who may benefit from them.


WordPress Dashboard Assistant

The Dashboard Assistant provides a chat interface to your WordPress site, that can be extended by developers and plugins to add capbilities, data sources and actions. People can interact with the assistant to write content, get insights from their content or perform actions.

See Dashboard Assistant detailed documentation, and the underlaying Assistants API.

Writing Assistant

The Writing Assistant gives users the ability to generate content while writing using the Gutenberg editor. The assistant can create and modify content formatted as Gutenberg blocks, as well as modify existing content via summarization, tone, translation, etc.

The writing assistant also includes a chat sidebar which can be used to interact with the assistant for guidance, copy editing, idea generation and more.

The Writing Assistant was written before the OpenAI Assitants API existed, and is build on the Chat API. This allows for content / block streaming (which isn't supported by the Assistant API.)

AI Image Editor

The Image Editor provides experimental image editing capabilities powered by AI. Super-resolution upscaling, inpainting, background removal and replacement, and outpainting are all actively being worked on. This uses a host of services from Dall.e 3, Stable Diffusion and more.

Frameworks and Libraries

Post Embeddings for Semantic Search and more

Post Embeddings can be used with ElasticPress or Elasticsearch directly to provide semantic search, document retreiveal for AI integrations and knowlege / questions & answers.

OpenAI Integration

Deep integration with OpenAI for Chat, Assistants, Dall-e 3 and more.

Segmind Integration

Access Segmind APIs easily, with an API connector and authentication.

AWS Rekognition Integration

Use AWS Rekognition for object detection, image labeling, face detection and more.

Azure Vision Integration

Azure AI Vision provides APIs for image labeling, OCR and analysis.

Clipdrop Integration

Use Clipdrop by StabilityAI, which provides image editing capabilities.