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Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website.
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Unit test backing up files with strange characters
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admin Show the spinner for backups running in background tabs
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classes Version 3.4.3
functions Ensure backups and schedules are properly migrated from pre-2.0
grunt Release 3.4.0
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readme 3.4.2 release
tests Unit test backing up files with strange characters
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.travis.yml properly specify multisite env variable in exclude rule Fix instructions
Gruntfile.js Organize and simplify Grunt build process
backupwordpress.php Version 3.4.3
bower.json Remove colorbox
changelog.txt Release 3.4.0
composer.json Update mysqldump lib to latest
composer.lock Version 3.4.3
icon.png - Icons - 32x32, 16x16, 16x16+hover
package.json 3.4.2 release
phpunit.xml Re-organise the tests and fixup the failing ones. update readme following Mercators lead
readme.txt Version 3.4.3
uninstall.php Pass array directly to function

Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website.
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A Human Made project. Maintained by @pdewouters.

BackUpWordPress is a well tested, onsite backup plugin for WordPress. It's supports sending backups to cloud services through premium extensions

Stop using outdated practices, and start making sense.


BackUpWordPress requires WordPress 3.9 or newer and requires PHP 5.3+ due to the use of namespaced code.


Just install like any other plugin


Read our file


BackUpWordPress is licensed under the GPLv2 or later.


Created by Human Made for high volume and large-scale sites. BackUpWordPress is used on over 200,000 sites worldwide.

Written and maintained by Tom Willmot & Paul De Wouters. Thanks to all our contributors.

BackUpWordPress was originally developed by wpdprx before being taken over by Human Made.

Interested in joining in on the fun? Join us, and become human!

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