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Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website.

=== BackUpWordPress ===
Contributors: humanmade, willmot, pauldewouters, joehoyle, mattheu, tcrsavage, cuvelier
Tags: back up, backup, backups, database, zip, db, files, archive, wp-cli, humanmade
Requires at least: 3.7.1
Tested up to: 3.9
Stable tag: 2.6

Simple automated backups of your WordPress powered website.

== Description ==

[BackUpWordPress]( will back up your entire site including your database and all your files on a schedule that suits you. Try it now to see how easy it is!

= Features =

* Super simple to use, no setup required.
* Works in low memory, "shared host" environments.
* Manage multiple schedules.
* Option to have each backup file emailed to you.
* Uses `zip` and `mysqldump` for faster backups if they are available.
* Works on Linux & Windows Server.
* Exclude files and folders from your backups.
* Good support should you need help.
* Translations for Spanish, German, Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Italian, Czech, Dutch, French, Basque.

= Help develop this plugin =

The BackUpWordPress plugin is hosted on GitHub, if you want to help out with development or testing then head over to

= Translations =

We'd also love help translating the plugin into more languages, if you can help then please contact or visit

== Installation ==

1. Install BackUpWordPress either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
2. Activate the plugin.
3. Sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your whole site will be backed up every day.

The plugin will try to use the `mysqldump` and `zip` commands via shell if they are available, using these will greatly improve the time it takes to back up your site.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

**Where does BackUpWordPress store the backup files?**

Backups are stored on your server in `/wp-content/backups`, you can change the directory.

**Important:** By default BackUpWordPress backs up everything in your site root as well as your database, this includes any non WordPress folders that happen to be in your site root. This does means that your backup directory can get quite large.

**What if I want I want to back up my site to another destination?**

BackUpWordPress Pro supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace, Azure, DreamObjects and FTP/SFTP. Check it out here: [](

**How do I restore my site from a backup?**

You need to download the latest backup file either by clicking download on the backups page or via `FTP`. `Unzip` the files and upload all the files to your server overwriting your site. You can then import the database using your hosts database management tool (likely `phpMyAdmin`).

See this post for more details

**Does BackUpWordPress back up the backups directory?**


**I'm not receiving my backups by email**

Most servers have a filesize limit on email attachments, it's generally about 10mb. If your backup file is over that limit it won't be sent attached to the email, instead you should receive an email with a link to download the backup, if you aren't even receiving that then you likely have a mail issue on your server that you'll need to contact your host about.

**How many backups are stored by default?**

BackUpWordPress stores the last 10 backups by default.

**How long should a backup take?**

Unless your site is very large (many gigabytes) it should only take a few minutes to perform a back up, if your back up has been running for longer than an hour it's safe to assume that something has gone wrong, try de-activating and re-activating the plugin, if it keeps happening, contact support.

**What do I do if I get the wp-cron error message**

The issue is that your `wp-cron.php` is not returning a `200` response when hit with a http request originating from your own server, it could be several things, most of the time it's an issue with the server / site and not with BackUpWordPress.

Some things you can test are.

* Are scheduled posts working? (They use wp-cron too).
* Are you hosted on Heart Internet? (wp-cron is known not to work with them).
* If you click manual backup does it work?
* Try adding `define( 'ALTERNATE_WP_CRON', true ); to your `wp-config.php`, do automatic backups work?
* Is your site private (I.E. is it behind some kind of authentication, maintenance plugin, .htaccess) if so wp-cron won't work until you remove it, if you are and you temporarily remove the authentication, do backups start working?

If you have tried all these then feel free to contact support.

**How to get BackUpWordPress working in Heart Internet**

The script to be entered into the Heart Internet cPanel is: `/usr/bin/php5 /home/sites/` (note the space between php5 and the location of the file). The file `wp-cron.php` `chmod` must be set to `711`.

**Further Support & Feedback**

General support questions should be posted in the <a href="">WordPress support forums, tagged with backupwordpress.</a>

For development issues, feature requests or anybody wishing to help out with development checkout <a href="">BackUpWordPress on GitHub.</a>

You can also tweet <a href="">@humanmadeltd</a> or email for further help/support.

== Screenshots ==

1. Manage multiple schedules.
2. Choose your schedule, backup type, number of backups to keep and whether to recieve a notification email.
3. Easily manage exclude rules and see exactly which files are included and excluded from your backup.

== Changelog ==

#### 2.6

* It's now possible to choose the time and day that your schedule will run on.
* Introduces several new unit tests around schedule timings.
* Fixes a bug that could cause the hourly schedule to run constantly.
* Improved the layout of the Constants help panel.
* If the backup root directory is unreadable then the plugin will no longer function.
* Update the backups table match the standard WordPress table styles.
* Improved styling for the settings dialogue.
* Improved styling for the Server Info help tab.
* /s/back ups/backups.
* Remove Deprecated call to `screen_icon`.
* Updated French translation.
* Update the `WP CLI` command to use the new method for registering command.
* Reload the schedules when re-setting up the default schedules so they show up straight away.
* s/dpesnt't/doesn't.
* Only show the estimated total schedule size when editing an existing schedule.
* Stop stripping 0 from the minutes on hourly backups so that backups at 10 (& 20, etc.) past the hour correctly show.
* Disable buttons whilst ajax requests are running.
* Move spinners outside the buttons as they didn't look very good inside.
* Improve the detection of the home path on multisite installs which have WordPress in a subdirectory.
* Track the time that the running backup is started and display how long a backup has been running for.
* Fix an issue that meant it wasn't possible to run multiple manual backups at the same time.
* Many other minor improvements.

#### 2.5

* BackUpWordPress now requires WordPress 3.7.1 as a minimum.
* Remove some old back-compat code that was required because we supported older WP versions.
* It's now possible to change the email address that notification emails are sent from using the `hmbkp_from_email` filter.
* The spinner is now retina!
* Close the PHP Session before starting the backup process to work around the 1 request per session issue. Backup status will now work on sites which happen to call `session_start`.
* Pass `max_execution_time` and the BackUpWordPress Plugin version back to support. * Include the users real name in support requests
* Stop passing `$_SERVER` with support requests as it can contain things like `.htaccess` passwords on some server configurations.
* Improve the display of the server info in the enable support popup.
* New screenshots
* Use `wp_safe_redirect` for internal redirects.
* Use `wp_is_writable` instead of `is_writable`.

#### 2.4.2

* In WordPress Multisite the backups admin page is now located in Network admin instead of the wp-admin of the main site.
* Fixed an issue with the new intercom support integration that could cause loading the backups page to timeout
* Fixed 3 stray PHP warnings.
* BackUpWordPress will now always be loaded before any BackUpWordPress Extensions.
* Fixed an issue that could cause a long modal (excludes) to show underneath the WP admin bar.

#### 2.4.1

* Add missing colorbox images

#### 2.4

* Support for new premium extensions for storing backups in a variety of online services.
* Exclude the WP DB Manager backups and WP Super Cache cache directories by default.
* We now use Intercom to offer support directly from within the plugin, opt-in of course.
* More i18n fixes / improvements.
* We no longer show download links if your backups directory isn't web accessible.
* Fix a bug that caused the plugin activation and deactivation hooks from firing.
* Correctly handle `MYSQL TIMESTAMP` columns in database dumps.
* `mysqldump` and `zip` are now correctly recognised on SmartOS.
* Schedule names are now translatable.
* Avoid having to re-calculate the filesize when a schedules type is set.
* Compatibility with WordPress 3.8

#### 2.3.2

* Correct version number.

#### 2.3.1

* Fix a PHP strict error.
* Save and close as separate buttons.
* Fix bug that caused multiple notification emails.
* Fixes typo in database option name.
* Updated translations.
* Improve PHP docblocks.
* Make schedules class a singleton.
* Exclude popular backup plugin folders by default.
* Exclude version control folders by default.
* Fix broken localisation.
* Use `wp_safe_redirect` instead of `wp_redirect` for internal form submissions

#### 2.3

* Replace Fancybox with Colorbox as Fancybox 2 isn't GPL compatible.
* Use the correct `HMBKP_ATTACHMENT_MAX_FILESIZE` constant consistently in the help section.
* Correct filename for some mis-named translation files.
* Show the total estimated disk space a schedule could take up (max backups * estimated site size).
* Fix a typo (your -> you're).
* Use the new time Constants and define backwords compatible ones for > than 3.5.
* Play nice with custom cron intervals.
* Main plugin file is now `backupwordpress.php` for consistency.
* Add Paul De Wouters (`pauldewouters`) as a contributor, welcome Paul!
* Don't remove non-backup files from custom backup paths.
* Fix a regression where setting a custom path which didn't exist could cause you to lose existing backups.
* When moving paths only move backup files.
* Make some untranslatable strings translatable.
* Don't allow a single schedule to run in multiple threads at once, should finally fix edge case issues where some load balancer / proxies were causing multiple backups per run.
* Only highlight the `HMBKP_SCHEDULE_TIME` constant in help if it's not the default value.
* Remove help text for deprecated `HMBKP_EMAIL`.
* Default to allways specificing `--single-transaction` when using `mysqldump` to backup the database, can be disabled by setting the `HMBKP_MYSQLDUMP_SINGLE_TRANSACTION` to `false`.
* Silence a `PHP Warning` if `mysql_pconnect` has been disabled.
* Ensure dot directories `.` & `..` are always skipped when looping the filesystem.
* Work around a warning in the latest version of MySQL when using the `-p` flag with `mysqldunmp`.
* Fix issues on IIS that could cause the root directory to be incorrectly calculated.
* Fix an issue on IIS that could cause the download backup url to be incorrect.
* Fix an issue on IIS that could mean your existing backups are lost when moving backup directory.
* Avoid a `PHP FATAL ERROR` if the `mysql_set_charset` doesn't exist.
* All unit tests now pass under IIS on Windows.
* Prefix the backup directory with `backupwordpress-` so that it's easier to identify.
* Re-calculate the backup directory name on plugin update and move backups.
* Fix some issues with how `HMBKP_SECURE_KEY` was generated.

#### 2.2.4

* Fix a fatal error on PHP 5.2, sorry! (again.)

#### 2.2.3

* Fix a parse error, sorry!

#### 2.2.2

* Fix a fatal error when uninstalling.
* Updated translations for Brazilian, French, Danish, Spanish, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Italian, German, Latvian, Hebrew, Chinese & Dutch.
* Fix a possible notice when using the plugin on a server without internet access.
* Don't show the wp-cron error message when `WP_USE_ALTERNATE_CRON` is defined as true.
* Ability to override the max attachment size for email notifications using the new `HMBKP_ATTACHMENT_MAX_FILESIZE` constant.
* Nonce some ajax request.
* Silence warnings created if `is_executable`, `escapeshellcmd` or `escapeshellarg` are disabled.
* Handle situations where the mysql port is set to something wierd.
* Fallback to `mysql_connect` on system that disable `mysql_pconnect`.
* You can now force the `--single-transaction` param when using `mysqldump` by defining `HMBKP_MYSQLDUMP_SINGLE_TRANSACTION`.
* Unit tests for `HM_Backup::is_safe_mode_available()`.
* Silence possible PHP Warnings when unlinking files.

#### 2.2.1

* Stop storing a list of unreadable files in the backup warnings as it's too memory intensive.
* Revert the custom `RecursiveDirectoryIterator` as it caused an infinite loop on some servers.
* Show all errors and warnings in the popup shown when a manual backup completes.
* Write the .backup_error and .backup_warning files everytime an error or warning happens instead of waiting until the end of the backups process.
* Fix a couple of `PHP E_STRICT` notices.
* Catch more errors during the manual backup process and expose them to the user.

#### 2.2

* Don't repeatedly try to create the backups directory in the `uploads` if `uploads` isn't writable.
* Show the correct path in the warning message when the backups path can't be created.
* Include any user defined auth keys and salts when generating the HMBKP_SECURE_KEY.
* Stop relying on the built in WordPress schedules as other plugins can mess with them.
* Delete old backups everytime the backups page is viewed in an attempt to ensure old backups are always cleaned up.
* Improve modals on small screens and mobile devices.
* Use the retina spinner on retina screens.
* Update buttons to the new 3.5 style.
* Fix a possible fatal error caused when a symlink points to a location that is outside an `open_basedir` restriction.
* Fix an issue that could cause backups using PclZip with a custom backups path to fail.
* Security hardening by improving escaping, sanitizitation and validation.
* Increase the timeout on the ajax cron check, should fix issues with cron errors showing on slow sites.
* Only clear the cached backup filesize if the backup type changes.
* Add unit tests for all the schedule recurrences.
* Fix an issue which could cause weekly and monthly schedules to fail.
* Add an `uninstall.php` file which removes all BackUpWordPress data and options.
* Catch a possible fatal error in `RecursiveDirectoryIterator::hasChildren`.
* Fix an issue that could cause mysqldump errors to be ignored thus causing the backup process to use an incomplete mysqldump file.

#### 2.1.3

* Fix a regression in `2.1.2` that broke previewing and adding new exclude rules.

#### 2.1.2

* Fix an issue that could stop the settings panel from closing on save on servers which return `'0'` for ajax requests.
* Fix an issue that could cause the backup root to be set to `/` on sites with `site_url` and `home` set to different domains.
* The mysqldump fallback function will now be used if `mysqldump` produces an empty file.
* Fix a possible PHP `NOTICE` on Apache servers.

#### 2.1.1

* Fix a possible fatal error when a backup schedule is instantiated outside of wp-admin.
* Don't use functions from misc.php as loading it too early can cause fatal errors.
* Don't hardcode an English string in the JS, use the translated string instead.
* Properly skip dot files, should fix fatal errors on systems with `open_basedir` restrictions.
* Don't call `apache_mod_loaded` as it caused wierd DNS issue on some sites, use `global $is_apache` instead.
* Fix a possible double full stop at the end of the schedule sentence.
* Minor code cleanup.

#### 2.1

* Stop blocking people with `safe_mode = On` from using the plugin, instead just show a warning.
* Fix possible fatal error when setting schedule to monthly.
* Fix issues with download backup not working on some shared hosts.
* Fix issuses with download backup not working on sites with strange characters in the site name.
* Fix a bug could cause the update actions to fire on initial activation.
* Improved reliability when changing backup paths, now with Unit Tests.
* Generate the lists of excluded, included and unreadable files in a more memory efficient way, no more fatal errors on sites with lots of files.
* Bring back .htaccess protection of the backups directory on `Apache` servers with `mod_rewrite` enabled.
* Prepend a random string to the backups directory to make it harder to brute force guess.
* Fall back to storing the backups directoy in `uploads` if `WP_CONTENT_DIR` isn't writable.
* Attempt to catch `E_ERROR` level errors (Fatal errors) that happen during the backup process and offer to email them to support.
* Provide more granular status messages during the backup process.
* Show a spinner next to the schedule link when a backup is running on a schedule which you are not currently viewing.
* Improve the feedback when removing an exclude rule.
* Fix an issue that could cause an exclude rule to be marked as default when it in-fact isn't, thus not letting it be deleted.
* Add a line encouraging people to rate the plugin if they like it.
* Change the support line to point to the FAQ before recommending they contact support.
* Fix the link to the "How to Restore" post in the FAQ.
* Some string changes for translators, 18 changed strings.

#### 2.0.6

* Fix possible warning on plugin activation if the sites cron option is empty.
* Don't show the version warning in the help for Constants as that comes from the current version.

#### 2.0.5

* Re-setup the cron schedules if they get deleted somehow.
* Delete all BackUpWordPress cron entries when the plugin is deactivated.
* Introduce the `HMBKP_SCHEDULE_TIME` constant to allow control over the time schedules run.
* Make sure the schedule times and times of previous backups are shown in local time.
* Fix a bug that could cause the legacy backup schedule to be created on every update, not just when going from 1.x to 2.x.
* Improve the usefulness of the `wp-cron.php` response code check.
* Use the built in `site_format` function for human readable filesizes instead of defining our own function.

#### 2.0.4

* Revert the change to the way the plugin url and path were calculated as it caused regressions on some systems.

#### 2.0.3

* Fix issues with scheduled backups not firing in some cases.
* Better compatibility when the WP Remote plugin is active alongside BackUpWordPress.
* Catch and display more WP Cron errors.
* BackUpWordPress now fails to activate on WordPress 3.3.2 and below.
* Other minor fixes and improvements.

#### 2.0.2

* Only send backup failed emails if the backup actually failed.
* Turn off the generic "memory limit probably hit" message as it was showing for too many people.
* Fix a possible notice when the backup running filename is blank.
* Include the `wp_error` response in the cron check.

#### 2.0.1

* Fix fatal error on PHP 5.2.

#### 2.0

* Ability to have multiple schedules with separate settings & excludes per schedule.
* Ability to manage exclude rules and see exactly which files are included and excluded.
* Fix an issue with sites with an `open_basedir` restriction.
* Backups should now be much more reliable in low memory environments.
* Lots of other minor improvements and bug fixes.

#### 1.6.9

* Updated and improved translations across the board - props @elektronikLexikon.
* German translation - props @elektronikLexikon.
* New Basque translation - props Unai ZC.
* New Dutch translation - Anno De Vries.
* New Italian translation.
* Better support for when WordPress is installed in a sub directory - props @mattheu

#### 1.6.8

* French translation props Christophe -
* Updated Spanish Translation props DD666 -
* Serbian translation props StefanRistic -
* Lithuanian translation props Vincent G -
* Romanian translation.
* Fix conflict with WP Remote.
* Fix a minor issue where invalid email address's were still stored.
* The root path that is backed up can now be controlled by defining `HMBKP_ROOT`.

#### 1.6.7

* Fix issue with backups being listed in reverse chronological order.
* Fix issue with newest backup being deleted when you hit your max backups limit.
* It's now possible to have backups sent to multiple email address's by entering them as a comma separated list.
* Fix a bug which broke the ability to override the `mysqldump` path with `HMBKP_MYSQLDUMP_PATH`.
* Use `echo` rather than `pwd` when testing `shell_exec` as it's supported cross platform.
* Updated Spanish translation.
* Fix a minor spelling mistake.
* Speed up the manage backups page by caching the FAQ data for 24 hours.

#### 1.6.6

* Fix backup path issue with case sensitive filesystems.

#### 1.6.5

* Fix an issue with emailing backups that could cause the backup file to not be attached.
* Fix an issue that could cause the backup to be marked as running for ever if emailing the backup `FATAL` error'd.
* Never show the running backup in the list of backups.
* Show an error backup email failed to send.
* Fix possible notice when deleting a backup file which doesn't exist.
* Fix possible notice on older versions of `PHP` which don't define `E_DEPRECATED`.
* Make `HMBKP_SECURE_KEY` override-able.
* BackUpWordPress should now work when `ABSPATH` is `/`.

#### 1.6.4

* Don't show warning message as they cause to much panic.
* Move previous methods errors to warnings in fallback methods.
* Wrap `.htaccess` rewrite rules in if `mod_rewrite` check.
* Add link to new restore help article to FAQ.
* Fix issue that could cause "not using latest stable version" message to show when you were in-fact using the latest version.
* Bug fix in `zip command` check that could cause an incorrect `zip` path to be used.
* Detect and pass `MySQL` port to `mysqldump`.

#### 1.6.3

* Don't fail archive verification for errors in previous archive methods.
* Improved detection of the `zip` and `mysqldump` commands.
* Fix issues when `ABSPATH` is `/`.
* Remove reliance on `SECURE_AUTH_KEY` as it's often not defined.
* Use `warning()` not `error()` for issues reported by `zip`, `ZipArchive` & `PclZip`.
* Fix download zip on Windows when `ABSPATH` contains a trailing forward slash.
* Send backup email after backup completes so that fatal errors in email code don't stop the backup from completing.
* Add missing / to `PCLZIP_TEMPORARY_DIR` define.
* Catch and display errors during `mysqldump`.

#### 1.6.2

* Track `PHP` errors as backup warnings not errors.
* Only show warning message for `PHP` errors in BackUpWordPress files.
* Ability to dismiss the error / warning messages.
* Disable use of `PclZip` for full archive checking for now as it causes memory issues on some large sites.
* Don't delete "number of backups" setting on update.
* Better handling of multibyte characters in archive and database dump filenames.
* Mark backup as running and increase callback timeout to `500` when firing backup via ajax.
* Don't send backup email if backup failed.
* Filter out duplicate exclude rules.

#### 1.6.1

* Fix fatal error on PHP =< 5.3

#### 1.6

* Fixes issue with backups dir being included in backups on some Windows Servers.
* Consistent handling of symlinks across all archive methods (they are followed).
* Use .htaccess rewrite cond authentication to allow for secure http downloads of backup files.
* Track errors and warnings that happen during backup and expose them through admin.
* Fire manual backups using ajax instead of wp-cron, `HMBKP_DISABLE_MANUAL_BACKUP_CRON` is no longer needed and has been removed.
* Ability to cancel a running backup.
* Zip files are now integrity checked after every backup.
* More robust handling of failed / corrupt zips, backup process now fallsback through the various zip methods until one works.
* Use `mysql_query` instead of the depreciated `mysql_list_tables`.

#### 1.5.2

* Better handling of unreadable files in ZipArchive and the backup size calculation.
* Support for wp-cli, usage: `wp backup [--files_only] [--database_only] [--path<dir>] [--root<dir>] [--zip_command_path=<path>] [--mysqldump_command_path=<path>]`

#### 1.5.1

* Better detection of `zip` command.
* Don't delete user settings on update / deactivate.
* Use `ZipArchive` if `zip` is not available, still falls back to `PclZip` if neither `zip` nor `ZipArchive` are installed.
* Better exclude rule parsing, fixes lots of edge cases, excludes now pass all 52 unit tests.
* Improved the speed of the backup size calculation.

#### 1.5

* Re-written core backup engine should be more robust especially in edge case scenarios.
* 48 unit tests for the core backup engine, yay for unit tests.
* Remove some extraneous status information from the admin interface.
* Rename Advanced Options to Settings
* New `Constant` `HMBKP_CAPABILITY` to allow the default `add_menu_page` capability to be changed.
* Suppress possible filemtime warnings in some edge cases.
* 3.3 compatability.
* Set proper charset of MySQL backup, props valericus.
* Fix some inconsistencies between the estimated backup size and actual backup size when excluding files.

#### 1.4.1

* 1.4 was incorrectly marked as beta.

#### 1.4

* Most options can now be set on the backups page, all options can still be set by defining them as `Constants`.
* Russian translation, props valericus.
* All dates are now translatable.
* Fixed some strings which weren't translatable.
* New Constant `HMBKP_DISABLE_MANUAL_BACKUP_CRON` which enable you to disable the use of `wp_cron` for manual backups.
* Manual backups now work if `DISABLE_WP_CRON` is defined as `true`.

#### 1.3.2

* Spanish translation
* Bump PHP version check to 5.2.4
* Fallback to PHP mysqldump if shell_exec fails for any reason.
* Silently ignore unreadable files / folders
* Make sure binary data is properly exported when doing a mysqldump
* Use 303 instead of 302 when redirecting in the admin.
* Don't `set_time_limit` inside a loop
* Use WordPress 3.2 style buttons
* Don't pass an empty password to mysqldump

#### 1.3.1

* Check for PHP version. Deactivate plugin if running on PHP version 4.

#### 1.3

* Re-written back up engine, no longer copies everything to a tmp folder before zipping which should improve speed and reliability.
* Support for excluding files and folders, define `HMBKP_EXCLUDE` with a comma separated list of files and folders to exclude, supports wildcards `*`, path fragments and absolute paths.
* Full support for moving the backups directory, if you define a new backups directory then your existing backups will be moved to it.
* Work around issues caused by low MySQL `wait_timeout` setting.
* Add FAQ to readme.txt.
* Pull FAQ into the contextual help tab on the backups page.
* Block activation on old versions of WordPress.
* Stop guessing compressed backup file size, instead just show size of site uncompressed.
* Fix bug in `safe_mode` detection which could cause `Off` to act like `On`.
* Better name for the database dump file.
* Better name for the backup files.
* Improve styling for advanced options.
* Show examples for all advanced options.
* Language improvements.
* Layout tweaks.

#### 1.2

* Show live backup status in the back up now button when a back up is running.
* Show free disk space after total used by backups.
* Several langauge changes.
* Work around the 1 cron every 60 seconds limit.
* Store backup status in a 2 hour transient as a last ditch attempt to work around the "stuck on backup running" issue.
* Show a warning and disable backups when PHP is in Safe Mode, may try to work round issues and re-enable in the future.
* Highlight defined `Constants`.
* Show defaults for all `Constants`.
* Show a warning if both `HMBKP_FILES_ONLY` and `HMBKP_DATABASE_ONLY` are defined at the same time.
* Make sure options added in 1.1.4 are cleared on de-activate.
* Support `mysqldump on` Windows if it's available.
* New option to have each backup emailed to you on completion. Props @matheu for the contribution.
* Improved windows server support.

#### 1.1.4

* Fix a rare issue where database backups could fail when using the mysqldump PHP fallback if `mysql.max_links` is set to 2 or less.
* Don't suppress `mysql_connect` errors in the mysqldump PHP fallback.
* One time highlight of the most recent completed backup when viewing the manage backups page after a successful backup.
* Fix a spelling error in the `shell_exec` disabled message.
* Store the BackUpWordPress version as a `Constant` rather than a `Variable`.
* Don't `(float)` the BackUpWordPress version number, fixes issues with minor versions numbers being truncated.
* Minor PHPDoc improvements.

#### 1.1.3

* Attempt to re-connect if database connection hits a timeout while a backup is running, should fix issues with the "Back Up Now" button continuing to spin even though the backup is completed.
* When using `PCLZIP` as the zip fallback don't store the files with absolute paths. Should fix issues unzipping the file archives using "Compressed (zipped) Folders" on Windows XP.

#### 1.1.2

* Fix a bug that stopped `HMBKP_DISABLE_AUTOMATIC_BACKUP` from working.

#### 1.1.1

* Fix a possible `max_execution_timeout` fatal error when attempting to calculate the path to `mysqldump`.
* Clear the running backup status and reset the calculated filesize on update.
* Show a link to the manage backups page in the plugin description.
* Other general fixes.

#### 1.1

* Remove the logging facility as it provided little benefit and complicated the code, your existing logs will be deleted on update.
* Expose the various `Constants` that can be defined to change advanced settings.
* Added the ability to disable the automatic backups completely `define( 'HMBKP_DISABLE_AUTOMATIC_BACKUP', true );`.
* Added the ability to switch to file only or database only backups `define( 'HMBKP_FILES_ONLY', true );` Or `define( 'HMBKP_DATABASE_ONLY', true );`.
* Added the ability to define how many old backups should be kept `define( 'HMBKP_MAX_BACKUPS', 20 );`
* Added the ability to define the time that the daily backup should run `define( 'HMBKP_DAILY_SCHEDULE_TIME', '16:30' );`
* Tweaks to the backups page layout.
* General bug fixes and improvements.

#### 1.0.5

* Don't ajax load estimated backup size if it's already been calculated.
* Fix time in backup complete log message.
* Don't mark backup as running until cron has been called, will fix issues with backup showing as running even if cron never fired.
* Show number of backups saved message.
* Add a link to the backups page to the plugin action links.

#### 1.0.4

Don't throw PHP Warnings when `shell_exec` is disabled

#### 1.0.3

Minor bug fix release.

* Suppress `filesize()` warnings when calculating backup size.
* Plugin should now work when symlinked.
* Remove all options on deactivate, you should now be able to deactivate then activate to fix issues with settings etc. becoming corrupt.
* Call setup_defaults for users who update from backupwordpress 0.4.5 so they get new settings.
* Don't ajax ping running backup status quite so often.

#### 1.0.1 & 1.0.2

Fix some silly 1.0 bugs

#### 1.0

1.0 represents a total rewrite & rethink of the BackUpWordPress plugin with a focus on making it "Just Work". The management and development of the plugin has been taken over by [Human Made Limited]( the chaps behind [WP Remote](

#### Previous

Version 0.4.5 and previous were developed by [wpdprx](
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