Standard project layout for Human Made Projects.
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HM Base
Standard WordPress layout for Human Made projects.
A Human Made project.

Standard WordPress layout for Human Made projects.

Replace this readme in your project; you can use the readme generator for this.

Setup Instructions.

# Clone this repository:
git clone --recursive git:// your-project-name

# Navigate to the new directory.
cd your-project-name

# Update hm-platform
cd content/hm-platform
git checkout master
cd ../..
git add content/hm-platform
git commit -m 'Update hm-platform to latest'

# Update WordPress.
cd wordpress
git checkout 4.9.8
cd ..
git add wordpress
git commit -m 'Update WordPress to 4.9.8'

# Remove the hm-base remote:
git remote rm origin

# Add the remote for your new project:
git remote add origin

# Push to the new remote
git push origin master

# Add a local config:
cp wp-config-local-sample.php wp-config-local.php


HM Base follows the standard structure for HM projects.

Contribution guidelines