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Human Made Gutenberg Tools

A place to bundle useful reusable Gutenberg components and other tools.

What does this include?

  • Post Select button. Provides a media modal like user experience for selecting single or multiple posts. It supports searching, filtering, sorting and custom post types (and taxonomies). stying to work better in the sidebar.
  • More Sidebar controls. Other components wrapped up in as standardised sidebar control components.
    • Link control. A wrapper for the core UrlInput, but with some style improvements.
    • Image. Sidebar UI for selecting an image.
    • Post. A wrapper for the post select button component.


Installation Instructions

It is reccomended to install as a plugin or mu-plugin using composer.

composer require humanmade/hm-gutenberg-tools

If you install using another method (e.g. git submodule), note that the main branch does not include built assets, but tagged releases and the build branch do include them. You should not need to build the assets for this plugin as part of your project build process.

Bundling in a theme

You can bundle the plugin in a theme (or anywhere outside of plugins/mu-plugins directories). In order to do this you need to define HM_GB_TOOLS_DIR and HM_GB_TOOLS_URL. For example

define( 'HM_GB_TOOLS_DIR', get_stylesheet_directory() . '/lib/hm-gutenberg-tools' );
define( 'HM_GB_TOOLS_URL', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/lib/hm-gutenberg-tools' );

Using components from HM Gutenberg Tools

You should specify the script hm-gb-tools-editor as a dependency of the script in which you are using it.

wp_enqueue_script( 'my-custom-block', plugins_url( 'my-custom-block.js', dirname(__FILE__) ), [ 'hm-gb-tools-editor' ], '1.0' );

HM Gutenberg Tools then exposes all functionality globally as You can then use reference this in your project in much the the same way that you would use any other components from Gutenberg.

const { PostSelectButton } =;

function Edit( { attributes, setAttributes } ) {
    return (
            value={ attributes.postIds }
            onSelect={ posts => setAttributes( { postIds: p => ) } ) }
            btnProps={ { isLarge: true } }

Refer to the Wiki for usage instructions on individual components


  • npm run build Builds a production version of the code.
  • npm run watch Watches for changes and builds development versions of the code.
  • npm run lint Lints your JS. Run npm run lint -- --fix to fix it too.
  • composer run lint Lints your PHP code.

To assist with local development, you can define define( 'HM_GB_TOOLS_DEV', true ); to enable the "HM Gutenberg Tools Dev" block, which includes examples of many of features offered by this plugin.

Releasing a new version.

  1. Update the version numbers in plugin.php and package.json.
  2. Add the changelog to the readme for the new version.
  3. Commit your changes to main and push.
  4. Run the bash script: ./ v1.2.3

The script will sync the the build branch with main, build assets and commit the changes, and publish a new tagged version.



  • Restore built asset files not included in v1.7.2 due to release process error.


  • Upgraded dependencies for enhanced performance, security and stability.
  • Audit fix dependency upgrade, improving code security.
  • Enhanced security by introducing sanitization for post.title.rendered mitigating XSS attack risks.


  • Add filter for minimum search length for term select.
  • Add filter for term select query.


  • Add post status field select.
  • Allow to accept status from the Rest API endpoint.
  • Add status field in the post list item.
  • Update deprecated mediaUpload function.


  • Ignore sticky posts by default.


  • Fix date filter label not being cleared when both selected dates are unset.
  • Switch from node-sass to sass and npm audit fix


  • Reset PostSelect current page when filters are changed


  • Adds date range filters for use when searching posts


  • Handle current selections across multiple post types
  • Correctly handle post type filters in post selection modal
  • Preserbe specified Post Type list when clearing Types token list


  • Adds a filter to allow the post select query to be modified


  • Support thumbnails in post select components


  • Switch selection when clicking off single-post selections


  • Support for i18n.


  • Refactor how it works for compatability with WordPress 5.0
    • Use core data store
    • Use custom endpoint to fetch content to handle multiple post types.


  • Deprecate EditableHTML. You can now just use the Gutenberg component wp.editor.RichText and set the format prop to string.
  • Updates to work with the latest version of Gutenberg (3.5).