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HM Platform
Shared library for sites on the Human Made Platform.
Version 1.2.23
A Human Made project. Maintained by @joehoyle.

Human Made Platform

This is the Human Made Platform library that should be included on all sites that are being hosted by Human Made. This includes some plugins that are required for the hosting platform, however these can be disabled if alternative versions of plugins are installed.

See the platform page for details on the libraries that are included.

Install Instructions

  1. Add this repository to the content directory of the WordPress install, we recommend you add it as a git submodule.
  2. Require the hm-platform/load.php file from your wp-config.php.

Configuring Activated Modules

To optionally disable any of the platform modules, you can define the global $hm_platform variable setting any of the following to false:

$defaults = array(
	's3-uploads'      => true,
	'aws-ses-wp-mail' => true,
	'tachyon'         => true,
	'cavalcade'       => true,
	'batcache'        => true,
	'memcached'       => true,
	'ludicrousdb'     => true,

Search Engine Indexing

By default, hm-platform will force disable indexing by search engines on any non-production environment. If you wish to disable this feature, add the following to your config:

define( 'HM_DISABLE_INDEXING', false );

This will fall back to whatever the blog_public option value is in the database.