Manage your WordPress sites using WP Remote and WP-CLI
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WP Remote CLI

Manage your WordPress sites using WP Remote and WP-CLI.

Note: This is currently in beta. While we have a good sense of how it should work, we may rename methods, etc. as we refine it up until 1.0.

Until WP-CLI's package installer is complete, there are a couple of ways you can use WP Remote CLI:

  1. cd ~/.wp-cli; composer require humanmade/wp-remote-cli
  2. Clone the Git repo somewhere and load it with a wp-cli.yml file.

Currently, you'll need to run these commands inside of an existing WordPress install. We plan to eventually remove that dependency.

Authentication is via API key or HTTP Basic Auth. Both of these can be defined inside of wp-config.php so you don't need to specify them each time.

Feel free to open an issue with any questions you might have!