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WordPress Plug-in to manage donations made via the Stripe credit card payment solution
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Warning: This is the bleeding version. Be sure to run on staging before production.


Stripe is a great payment solution already disrupting the market for receiving payments online. It's built by developers and really looks awesome.

Development Purpose

  • Provide Charities & Non-Profits with a simple mechanism for receiving payments online.

Development Goals

  • Receiving Donations - 100%
  • Create a complete "Project" feature (i.e. associating individual donations to projects, showing funding status and more) - 30%
  • Recurring Donations - 0%

Development No No's

  • Creating an E-Commerce solution. There are plenty of free & premium plug-ins out there filling that gap.

Pull Requests

  • Certainly open to any enhancements. For larger changes, maybe you want to open an issue first and check with me as to how we can best implement it, thanks!


We can't actually help you with CSS, XHTML, PHP & JS so there's a certain degree of self-reliance that's required if you'd like to implement. It doesn't mean I won't guide you on the right path, but we'd like to keep the discussions relevant to bugs, enhancements and features.

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