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* Author: Dominic Giglio
* URL:
* This is the core functions.php file for the entire Basis theme. Since Basis
* is centered around the parent/child theme paradigm it is important to remember
* that a child theme's functions.php is loaded BEFORE it's parent's. All other
* files (page templates, css, etc) will load second in the child them and
* therefore overwrite those from the parent.
* Basis takes a modular approach to it's functions.php file. The majority of this
* file is used to load other files in the library folder and it's subfolders. Most
* of the plugin functionality that's included with Basis is loaded from this file
* in a modular fashion. To learn more about what is being loaded please refer to
* the specific file(s) in the library folder. They have all been heavily commented
* to help explain their specific functions.
* Because this file will be loaded after the child functions.php we have to check
* each function to see if it already exists before it's called. You'll see this
* throughout the modular files that are included at various points below.
* If you want to disable any of the functionality from one of the modular files
* all you have to do is comment out the line that includes that file.
* e.g. - //include_once('library/plugins/custom-post-type.php');
/* Load the core basis.php file (library/plugins/basis.php)
* This file contains general WordPress code to load core functionality
/* Load the navigation.php file (library/plugins/navigation.php)
* Declares all functions necessary to get menus, sidebars & footer widgets
/* Load the extras.php file (library/plugins/extras.php)
* This file declares some fun functions to add "extra" functionality :-)
/* Load the pagenavi.php file (library/plugins/pagenavi.php)
* Built in Page Navi functionality w/out a Plugin!!
/* Load the comments.php file (library/plugins/comments.php)
* This file contains the the custom callback function for the comments loop
/* Load the custom-header.php file (library/plugins/custom-header.php)
* Setup and call all necessary functions to add custom headers
/* Load the custom-post-type.php file (library/plugins/custom-post-type.php)
* Declares a new custom post type including custom tags