We're helping people in Detroit get their water turned back on.
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We're helping people Detroit get their water turned back on.

How it works

Residents who need help and donors who are willing to help out others can enter their information on detroitwaterproject.org. Then donors are matched with residents who are behind on their water payments.

If you are a resident and need some help:

Please enter your information on this form. Your name will be kept confidential.

All information submitted will be verified online with the Detroit Water and Sewage Department by using your account number to view the past due bill amount and current usage. Your name is not shown on the Detroit Water Project website, but the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department's website may reveal this information. Donors are able to help you by paying on your behalf directly to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. We will make your account number available to them in order to send payments.

If you want to help a resident

If you are willing to help, we will match you to a Detroit resident you can help directly by submitting a payment to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department on their behalf.

You will receive the following information for a Detroit resident you can help with their water bill:

  • Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (DWSD) account number
  • Past due amount
  • Directions on how to use the DWSD website to pay a water bill

Questions or feedback?

Email us, we're listening!