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UI Tutorial

As you surely noticed there are two ways of writing a ui-script. If you use only a few GUI elements you might write all the code in your, but that's not what is here. Here is how to use the UI design tool to speed up the process and write only little code. To get a summary see the ui-tutorial.pdf.

  • - Shows how to load a .pyui file
  • - Change the label every second
  • - Button, tableview and textfield use
  • - Automatic resize ui elements
  • - Barebone example of how to use a pop over view
  • - Advanced example with textfield_did_change, console_alert, speech, etc... (written by cclauss)
  • - Directory table, empty table and table with different accessory_types/images
  • - Demonstrates how to add and remove subviews
  • - Example of a basic web browser
  • - Control all touch events (touch_began, touch_moved, touch_ended)
  • - Example of how to use a segmented control (written by tjferry14)
  • - View all JPGs in the current directory
  • - Shows an example of using the Navigation View
  • - Show and hide different views
  • - Shows up to 100 photos from your camera roll
  • - Sort any of the three columns in ascending or descending order
  • – When is layout and when is draw called. Draw with icon, line and text.

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