@luke- luke- released this Oct 23, 2018 · 10 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Enh: Added maximum username length & maximum/minimum space url length (rekollekt)
  • Fix: Error message during database installation
  • Enh: "Powered by" message handling by widget
  • Enh: Add less options for mail font url/family (@rekollekt)
  • Fix: Fixed typo in space (un-)archived activities
  • Enh: Removed ErrorEvent which will be removed in yii-queue 3.0 (@acs-ferreira)
  • Enh: Added config option to remove "user profile posts" entry from directory navigation
  • Fix #2912: Deleting single stream item does not reload stream
  • Fix: Updated blueimp/jQuery-File-Upload to 2.94.1

@luke- luke- released this Oct 11, 2018 · 39 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Fix: Richtext loses mark state
  • Fix: New comment scroll behavior not used in edit comment
  • Chng: Updated humhub-prosemirror-richtext to v1.0.12
  • Fix #3322: Disabled users still receive emails notifications

@luke- luke- released this Oct 10, 2018 · 45 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Fix: Serialization of notifications without originator fails
  • Fix: Hide unapproved member activities
  • Fix #3313: Unable to deny invitation to private space
  • Fix: Added missing parent::init() to humhub\modules\stream\widgets\StreamViewer
  • Fix: Added PHP GD extension to the requirements (docs and selftest)
  • Fix: Comment edit triggers new activity
  • Fix: Fixed typo from MailSummary::INTERVAL_HOURY to MailSummary::INTERVAL_HOURLY
  • Enh: Added humhub.modules.ui.filter.TextInput and related humhub\modules\ui\filter\widgets\TextFilterInput
  • Enh: Enable data-action-keypress by default
  • Enh: Added preventDefault argument to humhub.modules.action.bindAction to disable prevent default behaviour for action events
  • Fix: Fix bootstrap-datepicker.en.min.js 404 (Not Found)
  • Fix: Comment form files not cleared
  • Enh: Added humhub\modules\file\models\isAssignedTo($record) argument in order to check if a File is attached to a specific record
  • Fix: rich-text mobile view wrong min-height calculation
  • Fix #3314: layout container width differences
  • Fix #3315: Exception on first login with ldap
  • Fix comment scroll overflows button
  • Fix widgetAction events case issue
  • Added humhub.modules.util.string.capitalizeFirstLetter and lowerCaseFirstLetter

@luke- luke- released this Sep 25, 2018 · 83 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Fix: Theme parent lookup cache causes installer crash

@luke- luke- released this Sep 24, 2018 · 87 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Fix: img overflow in markdown view
  • Enh: Added console command to list and change themes
  • Enh: Improved theme parent lookup performance
  • Enh: Added auto file attachment in humhub\modules\content\widgets\richtext\ProsemirrorRichTextProcessor
  • Fix: z-index issue with fixed richtext menu
  • Fix #3294: space picker encoding
  • Chng: Prevent ActiveRecord::save() call in humhub\modules\file\components\FileManager::attach
  • Fix: Added additional notification validation
  • Fix: Notification previews contains new line
  • Enh: Allow urls in array form in homeUrl configuration
  • Fix: Javascript humhub.modules.util.object.extend not working on older Safari version
  • Enh: Enable usage of humhub\modules\content\widgets\PermaLink outside of humhub.modules.content.Content components.
  • Fix #3302 smiley are not render into last activity module and email
  • Fix: Space head count includes disabled user
  • Fix: Broken picker image alignment (acs-ferreira)
  • Fix: File handling in upgrade path between 1.0.x and 1.3.x
  • Chng: Updated humhub-prosemirror-richtext to v1.0.10
  • Fix: File handling in upgrade path between 1.0.x and 1.3.x

@luke- luke- released this Sep 4, 2018 · 155 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Fix #3241: Profile header space count invalid
  • Fix: Disabled Notification E-Mails for installation sample contents
  • Fix: No e-mail summary immediately after installation
  • Enh: Added queuing for search updates of commments
  • Enh: Added queue clear option at Administration - Information
  • Enh: Improved support of languages unsupported Yii2
  • Enh: Added Amharic language support
  • Enh: Added Finnish language support
  • Enh: Added dashboard warning for admins if cron jobs not working
  • Fix: Queue worker problem with spaces in PHP binary path
  • Fix: Comment buttons overlap editor text
  • Enh: Added windows support for grunt tasks
  • Enh: Added grunt test-server and grunt test
  • Chng: humhub\modules\content\models\Content now implements humhub\modules\content\interfaces\ContentOwner
  • Fix: Target container not available in humhub\modules\content\components\ContentActiveRecord:afterMove()
  • Chng: humhub\modules\topic\models\Topic::attach now accepts humhub\modules\content\interfaces\ContentOwner instances
  • Fix: Richtext without focusMenu on small devices overlaps previous sibling
  • Enh: Added random default color to humhub\modules\ui\form\widgets\ColorPicker
  • Chng: humhub\modules\content\models\ContentTag:deleteAll() and humhub\modules\content\models\ContentTag:findAll() now respect the tag type condition by default- Fix: Space admin user remove broken
  • Fix: Space admin user remove broken
  • Fix: Invalid "Member since" date in space administration
  • Fix: Suprressed stream entry button not rendered.
  • Fix: Author stream filter not working.
  • Chng: Use of relative urls in richtext files/images
  • Fix: Permalink better handling of deleted content
  • Fix: Activity exception on integrity check
  • Fix: Ensure profile field "internal name" contains at least one character
  • Fix: Do not allow user self deletion via admin section
  • Fix: Refactored ActiveQueryContent::contentTag method, added method parameter
  • Fix: Richtext prompt not removed on pjax load
  • Enh: Added humhub\modules\content\widgets\richtext\ProsemirrorRichText::parseOutput for pre render parsing
  • Enh: Added humhub.modules.file.getFileUrl and humhub.modules.file.filterFileUrl for file guid based url handling
  • Fix: humhub\modules\space\modules\manage\components\Controller only accessible by system admins
  • Enh: Added scheme parameter to Content::getUrl method
  • Enh: Added ui.richtext.prosemirror.config.link.validate to intercept link input validation
  • Chng: Updated humhub.prosemirror dependency to 1.0.9

@luke- luke- released this Aug 7, 2018 · 279 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Warning: Please read the Update Guide before updating from 1.2.x!

Note: A full list of changes is available here: Changelog

  • Fix: Complete table cache flush on profile field update
  • Fix: Improved handling of inconsistent notifications
  • Fix: Vietnamese translation syntax error

@luke- luke- released this Aug 3, 2018 · 313 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Warning: Please read the Update Guide before updating!

  • Enh: Added PolymorphicRelation::strict to throw exceptions when accessing invalid polymorphic relations
  • Fix: Mail summaries not correctly triggered by cron
  • Fix: Click to topics lead on streams without topic filter throws javascript error. (humhub/humhub-modules-polls#49)
  • Fix: Existing files may cause NULL pointer exception
  • Fix: Newly created profile fields cannot be updated
  • Enh: Added AbstractRichTextEditor::layout in order to change richtext style
  • Enh: Added block type RichText for non focus menu style

@luke- luke- released this Jul 30, 2018 · 349 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Please read the Update Guide before updating!

If you're using the sources directly from GitHub, you need to build the required assets manually. Please see the chapter Build production assets for more details.

  • Fix: prevent user serialization for SocialActivity
  • Fix: wrong return value for Content::move()
  • Fix: space archive activity wrong originator assignment
  • Fix: suppress "unable to determine dataType" error for aborted xhr requests
  • Enh: added FunctionalTester::loginBySpaceUserGroup() and FunctionalTest::assertSpaceAccessStatus() for ACL testing
  • Fix #2721 delete space button not visible for system admin
  • Enh: added humhub\modules\space\behaviors\SpaceModelMembership::canDelete()
  • Fix #3221: Popover Space title "&" to "&"
  • Fix invalid translation syntax used in croatian language
  • Enh added highligh.js as ui addition
  • Fix: ui.addition.applyTo with filter ignores first filter index
  • Fix: introduction tour not working
  • Chng: Moved static js dependencies from static/resources into static/js
  • Fix: Comment edit cancel edit context item not shown
  • Fix #2700: Prevent GroupManager access to system admin group management
  • Enh: Styled user deletion view
  • Fixed: Space and User Admin Filterbar padding
  • Fix: Source serialization of Notification ActiveJob
  • Enh: Added 'requireSource' & 'requireOriginator' flags in SocialActivities

@luke- luke- released this Jul 18, 2018 · 399 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Please read the Update Guide before updating!

If you're using the sources directly from GitHub, you need to build the required assets manually. Please see the chapter Build production assets for more details.

  • Enh: Added CounterSet Widget to handle Space/Profile header statistic counts
  • Fix: UI addition mutation observer interfering with new rich-text mutation logic
  • Fix: ThemeLoader publishes assets on CLI requests
  • Enh: Add possibility to delete an invitation #2980
  • Enh: Moved search index tasks (add, update & delete) into asynchronous tasks
  • Enh: Added search index rebuild button
  • Fix #3200: wall stream scroll not working after single entry load request
  • Fix added missing required validation of target space for move content feature
  • Enh: Added humhub.modules.stream.StreamState.firstRequest in order to determine the initial request
  • Fix #3204: invalid russian translation in module overview
  • Fix #3169: post markdown not stripped in mails and activities
  • Fix #3157: invalid use of relative space target link in MailContentEntry widget
  • Fix force invite not working on space creation
  • Enh: Enable invite all instead of force membership in case force invite checkbox is not selected
  • Fix: prevent MembersAdded activity when using force space membership
  • Enh: added humhub.modules.ui.picker.Picker.disable() in order to disable/enable userpicker fields
  • Enh: topic labels now redirect to space stream with active topic filter if clicked outside of space stream
  • Fix: #3123: unbalanced html tags leads to broken comment after load more
  • Fix: #3211: escaped html rendered on space list modal
  • Fix: invalid userpicker translation syntax in czech language
  • Fix: added missing layout-snippet-container class in space and profile layout
  • Fix: move profile content not possible
  • Fix: Stream wall scroll event not detached on pjax call
  • Fix: Error thrown for empty url links in humhub\libs\Markdown when used in console environment
  • Fix: UserUrlRule double User model import
  • Fix: Skip soft delete validation
  • Fix: Added user dn to ldap attributes on login
  • Enh: Added Twig template engine for usage in modules
  • Enh: Added id data attribute on contentcontainer links
  • Fix: Wrong permission check on force invite check
  • Fix: Space homepage doesn't allow custom pages on first position
  • Enh: Added integrity check for notification originator
  • Enh: Use of new richtext version 1.0.4 see https://github.com/humhub/humhub-prosemirror/blob/master/docs/CHANGELOG.md
  • Enh: Added max-height for post/comment/edit richtext
  • Enh: Richtext style enhancements (dashed selection)
  • Fix: Upload preview for comments not cleared after submit
  • Fix: Profile/Space image upload not working after full page reloads
  • Fix: File upload errors not handled by richtext
  • Enh: Removed built and compressed assets from GitHub sources