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@luke- luke- released this Dec 30, 2015 · 3853 commits to master since this release

This release also fixes a possible XSS injection and adds PHP 7 support.

Fixed: Added hand cursor to "show more" link at comments
Fixed: Redirect guests directly to login page instead of error message
Enh: Remove unused translation messages
Enh: Added action to create i18n message archive
Fixed: Update documentation theme restore
Fixed #1373: Orphaned InviteDeclined notifications after upgrade
Fixed: Password confirm validation order and improved I18N
Enh: Don't allow Travis PHP 7.0 failures
Fixed: PHP7 incompatibility in profile field BaseType
Enh #1376: Added more Bower dependencies
Fixed: Disabled session in unit tests
Fixed: max-width for images in markdown output
Fixed #1334: Multiple html encode in user profile about field
Fixed #1230: Check if content container module is enabled
Fixed #1363 #1349: Broken theming on windows os (thanks to krai500)
Fixed #1365: Language mix in "Latest activities"
Fixed #1371: Space member admin shows 46 years ago if member never visited space
Enh: Allow file urls in markdown content
Enh #1357: TimeAgo improvements, added jquery-timeago as bower asset, i18n fixes
Enh #1304: Added default date format to config
Enh: Added timeAttribute support to DbDateValidator
Fixed: Broken timezone support when no language is selected
Enh: Added username to LDAP sync errors
Fixed #1338 #1322: Improved Database Date handling
Fixed: Update bug when no theme is set
Enh: Added directory & search url rules
Enh: Added dashboard url rule for /dashboard
Fixed #1350: Added FileInfo PHP Requirement
Enh: Updated Translations (
Fixed: Improved tag display for user / spaces
Fixed: LDAP configuration fields (password and encryption type)
Fixed: Unknown LDAP user causes exception
Fixed: Prevent daily update available notification spam
Fixed: Added missing parent::init() in AccountTopMenu
Fixed: Flush module manage on module uninstall

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