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Popcorn Authoring Library
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An SDK for authoring Popcorn projects.

Build Prerequisites

  • node v0.6 or higher
  • npm (comes with node v0.6 installer)

Using Butter with Cornfield

In order for Cornfield to operate correctly ( being able to save, load, and publish ) you will need to install mongodb. You can find a good guide to do so here. Before starting up you Cornfield server be sure that you have MongoDB running or else it will fail to start.

Environment Setup

  1. git clone --recursive
  2. cd butter
  3. npm install
  4. node make server

When updating your repo, make sure to run node make submodules to update Butter's submodules.

Running Butter (with cornfield)

  • To use butter be sure to start the node server by running node make server.
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8888/templates/test.html to begin using Butter

Running Butter (without cornfield)

  • Be sure to have a webserver of some sort running and navigate to butter/templates/test.html ( keep in mind you will not be able to save and load projects )
  • Run node make to ensure all of the css has been compiled
  • If you do not have a webserver setup you can create a temporary one by running python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888 inside the root of your butter directory
  • Navigate to localhost:8888 to use butter


Before contributing a new patch be sure to run the following:

  • node make check to lint butter
  • run the qUnit tests in the test/ directory to be sure you broke nothing

Getting Involved

We have an active irc community on in the #popcorn channel, as well as a mailing list that you can subscribe to Come say hi!


  • To file a bug or feature request, please use our issue-tracking lighthouse project:
  • When contributing code, please issue a pull request on github, so that we can track changes with comments. Be sure to put a link to the pull request in any corresponding lighthouse tickets.
  • Be sure to change the ticket state on lighthouse to "peer-review-requested" and assign to to one of the core developers for review
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