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This is a coaching tool for Git intended help identify codependent pieces of code.
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gitcoach 0.1

Gitlearn and gitcoach are a pair of tools for helping me, and hopefully other people, better understand large projects living in Git by trying to identify codependent pieces of code.

It works by examining the entire commit history of a project and building a matrix to indicate how often different files are committed at the same time.

You start that by cd'ing into your repo and running 'gitlearn'. This creates a big (sometimes quite big) file in the .git objdir called "coaching_data". This can take some time, sometimes quite some time.

Once you've done that, "gitcoach" will take a look at whatever you've modified in your current commit, and make suggestions based on that information; basically, if you changed this file, there's an 85% chance you'll have to change this other file over here...


  • Makefile
  • Command-line options for gitcoach:
    • currently, lowerbound coincidence threshold is hardcoded at 80%.
    • different types of commit (modified, added, etc) should be selectable
    • Clean (parseable and/or just less verbose) output options should be available.
  • Output from gitcoach currently incomplete, in an off-by-one looking way.
  • Add "adding a file", not just "modifying a file" as recognized thing.
    • not just pulling in your added files, but knowing that adding a file means you need to change the Makefile, that sort of thing.
  • Add tests
  • Sanity checks are missing in some places.
  • Cleanup/consolidate some data structures that are clearly junk
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