HTML Validation using Mozilla's HTML5 Validator instance
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HTML Validation using Mozilla's HTML5 Validator instance. This is a modified Python file for using the Mozilla Labs' HTML Validator Web Service, located at It was setup in order to be used in the build system of various Mozilla projects, without spamming the main validator (i.e., You can read more about the validator at

You can and should use it in your own Mozilla project's build system in order to automatically check your HTML for errors.

Usage -h file.html

You can test the parser with the supplied files:

$ ./ -h good.html
The document is valid HTML5 + ARIA + SVG 1.1 + MathML 2.0 (subject to the utter previewness of this service).
$ ./ bad.html 
Error: Start tag seen without seeing a doctype first. Expected “<!DOCTYPE html>”.
From line 1, column 1; to line 1, column 6

Error: Element “head” is missing a required instance of child element “title”.
From line 3, column 3; to line 3, column 9

Error: An “body” start tag seen but an element of the same type was already open.
From line 5, column 3; to line 5, column 8

Warning: The character encoding of the document was not declared.

There were errors. (Tried in the text/html mode.)
$ ./ -h good.html


  • -h : force text/html
  • -x : force application/xhtml+xml
  • -g : GNU output
  • -e : errors only (no info or warnings)
  • --encoding=foo : declare encoding foo
  • --service=url : the address of the HTML5 validator (defautls to


  • node.js client to go with python
  • error/warning filtering based on types, categories of errors/warnings