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Sample Template for the Popcorn Gallery

Templates are composed by at least three components:

  • An HTML page
  • A JSON Butter configuration file
  • A JSON with default metadata

Optional, any other media part of the template.

These can be added via the admin interface or bulk upload

It is recomended to import a template in bulk if your template has several assets.

These are the instructions to prepare a template for upload:

  • A template can be bulk uploaded with a zip file, the files must be contained in a folder with the template name.

  • The slugified name of the zip file will be used as the name of the template.

  • All the valid assets will be listed and added to the build.

  • Any supplied asset with the template must use relative paths.

  • Non relative paths is recommended to use absolute URLS.

  • There is no need for the base tag.

  • All templates butter initialization must call config as the default data value.

  • The config URL is automatically populated with the PM site required values e.g.

    { "savedDataUrl": "data", "baseDir": "/static/", "name": "default-butter" }

These files are at the moment imported via the admin.