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Lektor Creative Commons

License: MIT Current version at PyPI Downloads per month on PyPI

Lektor plugin to add Creative Commons license to your pages


On your templates use:

<div class="license">{{ render_cc_license(type, size, template, caller) }}</div>
  • type is a string with the license type (e.g.: 'by', 'by-sa', 'by-nc-sa').
  • size is an optional parameter with the size 'normal' or 'compact'. It defaults to 'normal'.
  • template is an optional parameter with the template 'full', 'image-only' or 'text-only'. It defaults to 'full'.
  • locale is an optional parameter that overrides the locale at function calling time.
  • caller is an optional parameter that you can pass an callable to mount your own template. This argument is usually omitted. See the example of how to use it with the Jinja call feature.


Simply rendering the license of your choice:

<div class="license">{{ render_cc_license('by-sa') }}</div>

Using Jinja2 call block to inject your own template:

{% call(license, license_url, icon_path) render_cc_license('by-sa', size='normal') %}
  <a class="nav-item" rel="license" target="_blank" href="{{ license_url }}">
    <img alt="{{ license }}" style="border-width:0" src="{{ icon_path }}" />
{% endcall %} 

There are more variables, you can check which with

{% call() render_cc_license('by-sa', size='normal') %}
  {{ kwargs }}
{% endcall %} 

Notice that using the call block it injects its content as caller parameter to the render_cc_license function that skips the need of choosing a template and renders your own.

Internationalization support

This plugin has support to internationalization, and changes it language based on .lektorproject file. The Current supported locales are:

  • en
  • pt_BR
  • de

Any other locale will default to en (English).


Lektor plugin to add Creative Commons license to your pages




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