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A starting point for developers who want to build applications using the Hunch API
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Hunch Application Framework

This application is a starting point for developers who want to build applications using the Hunch API. The application is built to run either as a standalone Django application or using Google App Engine.

This sample application will display recommendations for a single Hunch user by placing that user's AUTH_TOKEN in app/ If you would like to generate recommendations for arbitrary Hunch users, obtain an APP_ID and APP_SECRET by e-mailing You will them be able to Hunch Connect (OAuth) users into your application and store their auth_tokens.

Other libraries used include:

Getting started

  1. Download the Google App Engine Python SDK

  2. Configure initial settings

  3. Test your app loads the test page

    • run python (this defaults to running on port 80 which may require root permissions)
    • open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost
    • ensure that you see the success page
    • now navigate to http://localhost/app/
    • ensure that you see the recommendations being populated correctly
  4. If you want to Hunch Connect users into your application

    • E-mail to request an APP_ID and APP_SECRET
    • in app/, edit APP_ID and APP_SECRET you will receive for your Hunch application
  5. When ready, deploy the app to GAE

    • in, create a SECRET_KEY
    • in app.yaml, edit app-name; in app/, edit APP_HOSTNAME
    • python deploy

Useful commands

Start the development server sh

Publish your app to GAE python2.5 deploy

Launch a local Python console for interecting with the app and datastore python2.5 shell

Launch a remote Python console for interacting with the app and datastore python2.5 remote shell

Notes and gotchas

  • GAE will penalize your app if requests take over 1000 ms to complete, so push as many calls to the frontend as possible by using the Hunch Javascript SDK

  • This application is packaged with djangoappengine for creating Django projects that run on GAE. It is worthwhile to read the overview of using the helper.

  • GAE uses Python 2.5, so running scripts like with python2.5 is recommended. The scripts and use python2.5

  • You can access the GAE admin console at http://localhost/_ah/admin/

  • For testing, it is useful to redirect to your local machine. To accomplish this, edit your /etc/hosts file and point that address to your IP (or localhost)

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