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Pixel Launcher with a few added useful options
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Lean Launcher

The customisable open source Pixel Launcher by hundeva (

This launcher is based on the o-mr1 version of Amir Zaidi's excellent work, the Rootless Pixel Launcher 3.2:


  • Notification dots
    • on supported devices
  • App shortcuts
    • static shortcuts from android 6.0
    • dynamic shortcuts on support devices
    • extra shortcut option to edit or uninstall apps
  • Dynamic icons on supported devices
    • for Google Calendar
    • for Google Clock
  • Quick actions
    • swipe down for notifications with one finger
    • swipe down for quick settings with two finger
  • At A Glance
    • with a companion app
  • Google Now
    • only for debug builds for now
  • Search UI
    • hide bottom search bar
    • change search provider
    • colored G icon
    • hide app search bar
    • hide app suggestions
  • Look & Feel
    • force light or dark theme, or just based on your wallpaper
    • change Hotseat background
    • change grid sizes
    • change Hotseat icon count
    • change icon sizes
  • Edit apps
    • hide apps from your drawer
    • change icon shapes
    • support
  • Other
    • allow home screen rotation
    • disable spring animation
    • toggle navigation bar transparency
    • lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
    • double tap to lock

Everything, that is available in Rootless Pixel Launcher, with some added options, such as:

Bug reports

Open an issue, with as much details as you can give, "the launcher crashed" is not going to cut it. Reproduction steps, adb logs, anything that you can provide helps.

Feature requests

Open an issue, I will try to respond and see if it is something that I'm willing to do. No promises though. :)

Once again, special thanks to AmirZ for his excellent work. Without his project, I'm not sure Lean Launcher would ever born.
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