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Dotgrid is a grid-based vector drawing software designed to create logos, icons and type. It supports layers, the full SVG specs and additional effects such as mirroring and radial drawing. Dotgrid exports to both PNG and SVG files.

The application was initially created for internal use, and later made available as a free and open source software.

Learn more by reading the manual, or have a look at a tutorial video. If you need help, visit the Community.


View the guide.

Electron Build

cd desktop
npm install
npm start

UDP Controls

Dotgrid can be controlled by UDP via the port 49161. It expects messages up to 6 characters.

  • layer 0/1/2
  • type l/c/r/z (l:line, c:clock-wise arc, r: cc-wise arc, z: close, .:clear, *: draw)
  • from 0-z``0-z
  • to 0-z``0-z


  • This application supports the Ecosystem Theme.
  • Support this project through Patreon.
  • See the License file for license rights and limitations (MIT).
  • Pull Requests are welcome!
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