Extraction of the ActiveRecord::Base#import functionality from ar-extensions for Rails 3 and beyon
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activerecord-import is a library for bulk inserting data using ActiveRecord.

Rails 4.0

Use activerecord-import 0.4.0 or higher.

Rails 3.1.x up to, but not including 4.0

Use the latest in the activerecord-import 0.3.x series.

Rails 3.0.x up to, but not including 3.1

Use activerecord-import 0.2.11. As of activerecord-import 0.3.0 we are relying on functionality that was introduced in Rails 3.1. Since Rails 3.0.x is no longer a supported version of Rails we have decided to drop support as well.

For More Information

For more information on activerecord-import please see its wiki: https://github.com/zdennis/activerecord-import/wiki

Additional Adapters

Additional adapters can be provided by gems external to activerecord-import by providing an adapter that matches the naming convention setup by activerecord-import (and subsequently activerecord) for dynamically loading adapters. This involves also providing a folder on the load path that follows the activerecord-import naming convention to allow activerecord-import to dynamically load the file.

When ActiveRecord::Import.require_adapter("fake_name") is called the require will be:

  require 'activerecord-import/active_record/adapters/fake_name_adapter'

This allows an external gem to dyanmically add an adapter without the need to add any file/code to the core activerecord-import gem.

Load Path Setup

To understand how rubygems loads code you can reference the following:


And an example of how active_record dynamically load adapters: https://github.com/rails/rails/blob/master/activerecord/lib/active_record/connection_adapters/connection_specification.rb

In summary, when a gem is loaded rubygems adds the lib folder of the gem to the global load path $LOAD_PATH so that all require lookups will not propegate through all of the folders on the load path. When a require is issued each folder on the $LOAD_PATH is checked for the file and/or folder referenced. This allows a gem (like activerecord-import) to define push the activerecord-import folder (or namespace) on the $LOAD_PATH and any adapters provided by activerecord-import will be found by rubygems when the require is issued.

If fake_name adapter is needed by a gem (potentially called activerecord-import-fake_name) then the folder structure should look as follows:

|-- activerecord-import-fake_name.gemspec
|-- lib
|   |-- activerecord-import-fake_name
|   |   |-- version.rb
|   |-- activerecord-import
|   |   |-- active_record
|   |   |   |-- adapters
|   |   |       |-- fake_name_adapter.rb

When rubygems pushes the lib folder onto the load path a require will now find activerecord-import/active_record/adapters/fake_name_adapter as it runs through the lookup process for a ruby file under that path in $LOAD_PATH


This is licensed under the ruby license.


Zach Dennis (zach.dennis@gmail.com)


  • Blythe Dunham
  • Gabe da Silveira
  • Henry Work
  • James Herdman
  • Marcus Crafter
  • Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil
  • Mark Van Holstyn
  • Victor Costan