Command-line client and Ruby library for Asana with git integration.
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Asana Command-Line Client

Command-line client for viewing, adding, and completing tasks in Asana. Whenever you mention a workspace, project, or user, you don't need to use the entire word. For example, you can use "projects" to refer to a workspace called "Personal Projects" or "@tommy" to refer to a user named "Tommy MacWilliam". As long as what you supply is contained within the full workspace/project/user name on Asana, the client will figure out what you mean.


$ gem install asana-client

Now, open up Asana's web app and select "Account Settings". You should see a tab that says "API". Copy the text, then execute the following:

$ echo "api_key: PASTE_YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" > ~/.asana-client

Basically, that's just creating a YAML configuration file (containing your API key) called .asana-client in your home directory.

Command-Line Client

View all of the tasks assigned to you in a workspace

$ asana workspace

View all of the tasks in a project

$ asana workspace/project

Create a new task in a workspace

$ asana workspace this is the name of my new task

Create a new task in a project

$ asana workspace/project this is the name of my new task

Assign a task when creating it

$ asana workspace/project do that the important thing @tommy

Set a deadline when creating a task

$ asana workspace/project fix it @tommy 4/25/12
$ asana workspace/project paper due friday

Complete a task

$ asana finish 12345

Git Integration

Copy the post-commit file into your repo's .git/hooks directory, and make sure to execute chmod +x .git/hooks/post-commit from the root of your repo. Now, simply mention the ID of an Asana task inside your commit message, and the issue will be closed automatically and a comment with the relevent commit will be posted. For example, if you determine a relevant bug has an ID of 12345 (using the asana command-line client), you could say git commit -m "this commit fixes issue 12345".