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RabbitMQ starter kit

This project provides some basic implementations of the concepts exposed in my RabbitMQ presentation at slides are available on slideshare


To start any of the scripts included you need to check first hat you have

rabbitMQ server running on localhost

The project tree contains at the top level

  • the message producer, a script that publishes messages on the 'jobs' queue

  • a system_command script, that publishes the argument passed on the 'system' queue

  • a heartbeat_monitor script that collects the messages on the heartbeat queue and polls the 'jobs' queue status

The rest of project is divided in directory, every directory includes one or more consumer scripts.

Multiple consumers and producers can be active at the same time


You need to have

  • tmm1-amqp gem version 0.6.4 or later

  • rabbitMQ server version 1.6.0 or later


After installing the software listed in the requirements open a console on your system, and from the top directory of this repository execute

 ruby producer.rb

this will start the producer script that will start publishing messages on the queue.

After that open another console and always from the top directory of this repository execute

 ruby heartbeat_monitor.rb

This script will start printing out the number of messages in the queue

At this point you can open another console and start any of the consumers contained in the numbered directories, as an example try executing

ruby  002_simple_with_ack/consumer_simple_ack.rb

The consumer will start printing out the messages coming from the queue, do experiment trying to start multiple consumers or one by one in turn and observe how the heartbeat_monitor.rb output reacts to the number and types of consumer that are active at a given time.


Paolo Negri