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2016-04-29 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* deprecate old api and add new one
old one remains implemented in terms of new one
and will eventually be removed
* shrink exposed api down to just hunspell.hxx
* next major release is likely to require C++11
2016-04-15 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* generally using std::string and std::vector internally
2016-04-13 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* gh#371 drop experimental code
2015-09-11 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* rhbz#1261421 crash on mashing hangul korean keyboard
2014-12-03 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* tools/hunspell.cxx: security fixes of the Hunspell executable
- secure file name handling, the problem (checking
OpenDocument files with malicious file names)
reported by Eric Sesterhenn
- using tmpnam() only with system("mkdir tempname && ...")
2014-10-17 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* sf#245 Feature from Anish Patil -S mode
to show suggestions for completion of
correctly spelled words
* sf#248 Fix manpage about how to include
2014-10-16 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* rhbz#915448, sf#57, sf#185 report character offset
and not byte offset in ispell mode
* sf#56 segv in experimental mode
* sf#228 don't translate init string
2014-09-22 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* fix crash in morphological analysis of the Hungarian
compound word 'művészegyéniség', reported by Gáspár Sinai
2014-08-26 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* unmunch separates flags of prefixes from the word,
bug reported by Daniel Naber
2014-08-05 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* moz#318040 Mozzilla accepts abbreviations without dots
* myfopen(): add _wfullpath to expand relative parts of absolute paths
2014-07-16 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* moz#675553 Switch from PRBool to bool
* moz#690892 replace PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE with true/false
* Silence the warning about empty while body loop in clang
* moz#777292 Make nsresult an enum
* moz#579517 Use stdint types in gecko
* moz#784776 consistently use FLAG_NULL
* moz#927728 Convert PRUnichar to char16_t
* moz#943268 Remove nsCharsetAlias and nsCharsetConverterManager
* Don't include config.h in license.hunspell if MOZILLA_CLIENT is set
2014-06-26 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* clang scan-build: Allocator sizeof operand mismatch
* clang scan-build: other low hanging warnings
* clang scan-build: significant warnings
2014-06-02 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* escape spaces in paths of ODF files
2014-05-28 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* add long path/Unicode path support in WIN32 environment:
- hunspell#233 (reported by mahak gark) and LibreOffice fdo#48017
* flat ODF support, eg.:
hunspell doc.fodt
cat doc.fodt | hunspell -l -O
* new options:
- -X (XML) input format
- -O (ODF or flat ODF) input format
- --check-apostrophe: check and force Unicode apostrophe usage
(ASCII or Unicode apostrophe has to be in the
WORDCHARS section of the affix file)
* fix ODF support:
- break 1-line XML of ODT documents at </style:style>, too,
not only at </text:p> (limiting tokenization problems, when
fgets stops within an XML tag)
- show ODF file path on the UI instead of the temporary file
* fix XML support:
- ', ", &, < and > in replacements converted to XML entities
- recognize &apos at tokenization, depending from WORDCHARS
- &apos; in tokens converted to ' before spell checking and
in the output of the pipe interface
* better apostrophe usage:
- WORDCHARS only with one of the Unicode or ASCII apostrophe
results extended word tokenization: both of them will be part of
the words (if they are inside: eg. word's, but not words').
- convert Unicode apostrophes to ASCII ones for 8-bit dictionaries
(eg. English dictionaries), or for UTF-8 dictionaries only
with ASCII apostrophe supports (eg. French dictionaries).
* updated manual:
- hunspell.4 renamed to hunspell.5, see
hunspell#241 reported by Cristopher Yeleighton
- updated translations
- note about long/Unicode paths in WIN32 (hunspell.3)
2014-04-25 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* OpenDocument support, eg.
hunspell *.odt
hunspell -l *.odt
* always load default personal dictionary (fix
filtering bad words - reduce this word list - using
it as a personal dictionary workflow)
* fix parsing/URL recognition problem (bad tokens
with aposthrophes)
* moz#897255 Wasted work in line_uniq
* moz#897780 Wasted work in SuggestMgr::twowords
2013-07-25 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* hunspell#167 layout problems with long lines
- based on the original fix by xorho
adapted to HEAD
* rhbz#925562 upgrade config.guess for aarch64
* moz#896301 Wasted work in SfxEntry::checkword
* moz#896844 Wasted work in AffixMgr::defcpd_check
2013-06-13 Konstantin Khlebniko
* #49 HashMgr::add_word computes wrong size for struct hentry
2013-06-13 Ville Skyttä
* #53 Man page syntax fixes
2013-04-19 John Thomson <john thomson at SIL>
* win_api: add remove() of Hunspell API (hun#3606435)
2013-04-19 Rouslan Solomokhin <at>
* fix crash in suggestions for 99-character long words
by extending arrays of SuggestMgr::forgotchar_*
(hun#3595024, also,
thanks to also Paweł Hajdan to report the patch
2013-04-01 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* hunspell: -Werror=undef
2013-03-13 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* rhbz#918938 crash in interaction with danish thesaurus
2012-09-18 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: - fix morphological analysis of
compound words (hun#3544994, reported by Dávid Nemeskey, fdo#55045)
2012-06-29 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* fix various coverity warnings
2012-01-10 Ehsan Akhgari <ehsan at mozilla dot com>
* moz#710940 Firefox Crash [@ AffixMgr::parse_file(char const*, char
const*) ]
2011-12-16 Jared Wein <jwein at mozilla dot com>
* moz#710967 Incorrect argument passed to strncmp in
2011-12-06 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* rhbz#759647 fixed tempname of hunSPELL.bak collides with other users
when multiple edits in one dir
2011-10-13 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* moz#694002 crash in hunspell affixmgr on exit with bad .aff
* leak in hunspell affixmgr with bad .aff
2011-09-19 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* make libparsers.a not installed thanks to Tomáš Chvátal
2011-06-23 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at LibO>:
* fix some windows compiler warnings
2011-05-24 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: allow twofold suffixes in compounds
by extended version of Arno Teigseth's patch, see hun#3288562.
- new option for this feature: COMPOUNDMORESUFFIXES
2011-02-16 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext dot org>:
* src/*/ fix library versioning, the probem reported by
Rene Engerhald and Simon Brouwer.
* man/hunspell.4: new version based on the revised version of Ruud Baars
2011-02-02 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* suggestngr.cxx: fix ngram PHONE suggestion for input words with
diacritics using UTF-8 encoded dictionaries (add byte length to the
8-bit phonet() argument instead of character length)
* suggestmgr.cxx: fix missing csconv problem with UTF-8 encoding
dictionares, when the input contains non-BMP characters
- tests/utf8_nonbmp.sug: test file
* suggestmgr.cxx: mixed and keyboard based character suggestions
don't forbid ngram suggestion search (optimized tests/suggestiontest)
* affixmgr.cxx: fix hun#2999225: interfering compounding mechanisms,
tested on Dutch word list and reported by Ruud Baars
* affixmgr.cxx: allomorph fix for hun#2970240 (Hungarian
compound "vadász+gép" was analyzed as vad+ász+gép, and rejected
by the ss->s rep rule (verb "vadássz"), but the analysis
didn't continue for the longer word parts (vadász+gép).
* csutil.cxx: add lang code "az_AZ", "hu_HU", "tr_TR" for back
compatibility (fixing Azeri and Turkish casing conversion, also
Hungarian compound handling)
* affixmgr.cxx: fix morphological analysis
2011-01-26 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.cxx: fix for moz#626195 (memcheck problem with FULLSTRIP).
* affixmgr.*, suggestmgr.cxx: FORBIDWARN parameter (see manual)
2011-01-24 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* suffixmgr.cxx: fix bad suggestion of forbidden compound words, eg.
"termijndoel" with the Dutch dictionary. Reported by Ruud Baars.
* latexparser.cxx: fix double apostrophe TeX quoation mark tokenization
(hun#3119776), reported by Wybodekker at
* tests/suggestiontest/*: multilanguage and single Hunspell version, see README
* tests/suggestiontest/prepare2: for make -f Makefile.orig single
2011-01-22 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.*, suggestmgr.*: new features
ONLYMAXDIFF: remove all bad ngram suggestions (default mode keeps one)
NONGRAMSUGGEST: similar to NOSUGGEST, but it forbids to use the word
in ngram based (more, than 1-character distance) suggestions.
2011-01-21 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* suggestmgr.*: limit wild suggestions (hun#2970237 by Ruud Baars)
- limited compound word suggestions
- improved and limited ngram based suggestions
* tests/*.sug: modified test files
- feature MAXCPDSUGS:
MAXCPDSUGS 0 : no compound suggestion, suggested by
Finn Gruwier Larsen in hunfeat#2836033
MAXCPDSUGS n : max. ~n compound suggestions
- feature MAXDIFF: differency limit for ngram suggestions: 0-10
eg. MAXDIFF 5: normal (default) limit
MAXDIFF 0: only one ngram suggestion
MAXDIFF 10: ~maxngramsugs ngram suggestions
* affixmgr.*, hunspell.*: add flag FORCEUCASE (hun#2999228), force
capitalization of compound words, see Hunspell 4 manual),
suggested by Ruud Baars
test/forceucase.*: test files
* affixmgr.*, hunspell.*: add flag WARN (hun#1808861), optional warning feature
for rare words, suggested by Ruud Baars
tests/warn: test files
* tools/hunspell.cxx: add option -r for optional filtering of rare words
* affixmgr.cxx: fix hun#3161359 (gcc warnings) reported by Ryan VanderMeulen.
2011-01-17 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* suggestmgr.cxx: fix hun#3158994 and hun#3159027 (missing csconv table
using awkward 8bit capitalization of UTF-8 encoded dictionary words with PHONE
suggestion, reported by benjarobin and dicollecte at
2011-01-13 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.cxx: ONLYINCOMPOUND fix for hun#2999224 (fogemorphene
was allowed in end position of compoundings). Reported by Ruud Baars.
* tests/onlyincompound2.*: test files
2011-01-10 Ingo H. de Boer <idb_winshell at>:
* win_api/{hunspell,libhunspell, testparser}.vcproj: updated project
files for the library and the executables. Compiling problem
also reported by Don Walker.
2011-01-06 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.cxx: fix freedesktop#32850 (program halt during Hungarian
spell checking of the word "6csillagocska6", reported by András Tímár)
* tools/hunspell.cxx: add Mac OS X Hunspell dictionary paths, asked by
Vidar Gundersen in hunfeat#3142010
2011-01-05 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#620626 NS_UNICHARUTIL_CID doesn't support
case conversion
2011-01-03 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* NEWS and THANKS: update for release 1.2.13
2010-12-20 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.cxx: hun#3140784
2010-12-16 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.cxx:
- improved fix of hun#2970242 (supporting
zero affixes, reported by Ruud Baars
- tests/opentaal_cpdpat{,2}: test files
- switching off default BREAK parameters by BREAK 0,
reported by Ruud Baars
- hun#2999225: interfering compounding mechanisms, reported by Ruud Baars
2010-12-11 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.cxx: fix hun#2970242 (CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN only with flags),
the bug reported by Ruud Baars
* tests/2970242.*: test files
* tests/2970240.*: test files for CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN fix (check all
boundaries in compound words, fixed by the previous CHECKCOMPOUNDREP
fix), the bug reported by Ruud Baars
* win_api/Makefile.cygwin: update
2010-12-09 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#617953 fix leak
2010-11-08 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* rhbz#650503 crash in arabic dictionary
2010-11-05 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* rhbz#648740 don't warn on empty flagvector
2010-11-03 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* logically we shouldn't need a csconv table in utf-8 mode
2010-10-27 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* hun#3000055 (requested by Ruud Baars) add REP boundary specifiation:
REP ^word$ xxxx
REP ^wordstarting xxxx
REP wordending$ xxxx
* hun#3008434 (requested by Adrián Chaves Fernández) and
hun#3018929 (requested by Ruud Baars): REP with more than 2 words:
REP morethantwo more_than_two
* suggestmgr.cxx: fix incomplete suggestion list for capitalized words,
eg. missing Machtstrijd->Machtsstrijd in the Dutch dictionary
(reported by Ruud Bars)
* tests, man: related updates
2010-10-12 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#603311 HashMgr::load_tables leaks dict when decode_flags fails
* fix mem leak found with new tests
* hun#3084340 allow underscores in html entity names
2010-10-07 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.cxx:
- hun#2970239 fix bad suggestion of forbidden compound words
- hun#2999224 fix keepcase feature on compound words (only partial
fix for COMPOUNDRULE based compounding)
- fix checkcompoundrep feature in compound words (check all boundaries,
not only the last one)
Problems reported by Ruud Baars.
* tests/opentaal_forbiddenword[12]*, tests/opentaal_keepcase*:
new test files for the previous fixes
* tests/checkcompoundrep: extended test file.
2010-09-05 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#583582 fix double buffer gcc fortify issue
2010-08-13 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#586671 AffixMgr::parse_convtable leaks pattern/pattern2 if it
can't create both
* moz#586686 tidy up get_xml_list and friends
2010-08-10 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* hun#3022860 fix remove duplicate code
2010-07-17 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* remove ununsed get_default_enc and avoid potential misrecognition of
three letter language ids
* normalize encoding names before lookup
2010-07-05 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* hun#2286060 add Hangul syllables to unicode tables
2010-06-26 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#571728 keep new[]/delete[] wrappers in sync for embedded in moz
2010-06-13 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#571728 keep new[]/delete[] wrappers in sync for embedded in moz
2010-06-02 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#569611 compile cleanly under win64
2010-05-22 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#525581 apply mozilla's current preferred get_current_cs impl
2010-05-17 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affixmgr.cxx: fix bad limitation of parenthesized flags at
COMPOUNDRULEs. Windows crash reported by Ruud Baars and Simon Brouwer.
2010-05-05 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* rhbz#589326 malloc of int that should have been of char**
* hun#2997388 fix ironic misspellings
2010-04-28 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#550942 get_xml_list doesn't handle failure from get_xml_par
2010-04-27 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* moz#465612 mozilla-specific code leaks
* moz#430900 phone is dereferenced before oom check
* moz#418348 ckey_utf alloc is used unchecked in SuggestMgr::badcharkey_utf
* CID#1487 pointer "rl" dereferenced before NULL check
* CID#1464 Returned without freeing storage "ptr"
* CID#1459 Avoid duplicate strchr
* CID#1443 Avoid any chance of dereferencing *slst
* CID#1442 Unsafe to have a null morph
* CID#1440 Avoid null filenames
* CID#1302 Dereferencing NULL value "apostrophe"
* CID#1441 Avoid deferencing null ppfx
2010-04-16 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* hun#2344123 fix U)ncap in utf-8 locale
* fix up hunspell text UI and lines wider than terminal
2010-04-15 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* hun#2613701 fix small leak in FileMgr::FileMgr
* fix small leak in tools/hunspell
* hun#2871300 avoid crash if def and words are NULL
* hun#2904479 fix length of hzip file
* hun#2986756 mingw build fix
* hun#2986756 fix double-free
* hun#2059896 fix crash in interactive mode without nls
* hun#2917914 add some extra words to the latexparser
* make some structs static
* C-api has duped symbol names
* regenerate gettext/intl with recent version
* hun#2796772 build a .dll under MinGW
* rhbz#502387 allow cross-compiling for MinGW target
* hun#2467643 update .vcproj files to include replist.?xx
* unify visiblity/dll_export support across platforms
* hun#2831289 sizeof(short) typo
* hun#2986756 add -u3 gcc style output
2010-04-14 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* hun#2813804 fix segfault on hu_HU stemming
2010-04-13 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* hun#2806689 fix ironic misspellings
* hun#2836240 add Italian translations
2010-04-09 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* fix titchy possible leak in command-line spellchecker
2010-04-07 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* hun#2973827 apply win64 patch
* hun#2005643 fix broken mystrdup
2010-03-04 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* ooo#107768 fix crash in long strings in spellml mode
* hun#1999737 add some malloc checks
* hun#1999769 drop old buffer on realloc failure
* hun#2005643 tidy string functions
* hun#2005643 micro-opt
* hun#2006077 free strings on failed dict parse
* hun#2110783 ispell-alike verbose mode implementation
2010-03-03 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* hunspell/(affixmgr, suggestmgr).cxx: add character sequence
support for MAP suggestion, using parenthesized character groups
in the syntax, eg. MAP ß(ss).
* man/hunspell.4, tests/map*: documentation and test files
2010-02-25 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx: add recursion limit for BREAK (fix OOo Issue 106267)
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx: fix crash in morphological analysis of
capitalized words with ending dashes
* affixmgr.cxx: fix morphological analysis of long numbers combined with dash,
eg. 45-00000045 (reported by
2010-02-23 Caolán McNamara <cmc at OOo>:
* hun#2314461 improve ispell-alike mode
* hun#2784983 improve default language detection
* hun#2812045 fix some compiler warnings
* hun#2910695 survive missing HOME dir
* hun#2934195 fix suggestmgr crash
* hun#2921129 remove unused variables
* hun#2826164 make sure make check uses the in-tree libhunspell
* bump toolchain to support --disable-rpath
* hun#2843984 fix coverity warning
* hun#2843986 fix coverity warning
* hun#2077630 add iconv lib
* make gcc strict-aliasing warning free
* make cppcheck warning free
2008-11-01 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* replist.*, hunspell.cxx, affixmgr.cxx: new input and output
conversion support, see ICONV and OCONV keywords in the Hunspell(4)
manual page and the test examples. The input/output conversion
problem of syllabic languages reported by Daniel Yacob and
Shewangizaw Gulilat.
- tests/{iconv,oconv}.*: test examples
* tools/wordforms: word generation script for dictionary developers
(Hunspell version of the unmunch program)
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx: extended BREAK feature: ^ and $ mean in break
patterns the beginning and end of the word.
- tests/BREAK.*: modified examples.
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx: set default break at hyphen characters.
The associated problem reported by S Page in Hunspell Bug 2174061.
See Mozilla Bug ID 355178 and OOo Issue 64400, too.
- tests/breakdefault.*: test data
The following definition is equivalent of the default word break:
* affixmgr.cxx: SIMPLIFIEDTRIPLE is a new affix file keyword to allow
simplified forms of the compound words with triple repeating letters.
It is useful for Swedish and Norwegian languages.
* affixmgr.cxx: extend CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN to support
alternations of compound words for example by sandhi
feature of Indian and other languages. The problem reported
by Kiran Chittella associated with Telugu writing system
(see Telugu example in tests/checkcompoundpattern4.test).
The new optional field of CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN definition is the
replacement of the compound boundary defined by the previous fields:
means ff|f compound boundary has been replaced by "ff", like in
the (prereform) German Schiffahrt (Schiff+fahrt).
- CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN supports also optional flag conditions now:
means that the first word of the compound needs flag "A" and
the second word of the compound needs flag "B" to the operation.
* tools/hunspell.cxx: add empty lines as separators to the output of
the stemming and morphological analysis.
* affixmgr.cxx: fix condition checking algorithm. Bad suggestion
generation reported by Mehmet Akin in Bug 2124186 with help of
Eleonora Goldman.
* affixmgr,cxx: fix COMPOUNDWORDMAX feature. The problem and its
code details reported by Göran Andersson under Bug ID 2138001.
* csutil.cxx: fix bad conditional code for Mozilla compilation.
Patch by Serge Gautherie. The problem reported by Ryan VanderMeulen.
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx: add missing ngram suggestion for HUHINITCAP
(capitalized mixed case) words.
* w_char.hxx: use GCC conditions for GCC related code. Patch by
Ryan VanderMeulen.
* affixmgr.cxx: check morphological description in morphgen()
(fix potential program fault by incomplete morphological
description of affix rules)
* src/win_api: config.h: switch on warning messages on Windows
* tools/affixcompress: extended help for -h (use LC_ALL=C sort
for input word list)
* man/hunspell.4: updated manual:
- new and modified features (SIMPLIFIEDTRIPLE, ICONV, OCONV,
- note about costs of zero affixes, suggested by Olivier Ronez.
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx: remove deprecated word breaking codes.
2008-08-15 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affentry.cxx: add FULLSTRIP option. With FULLSTRIP, affix rules can
strip full words, not only one less characters. Suggested by
Davide Prina and other developers in OOo Issue 80145.
* tests/fullstrip.*: Test data based on Davide Prina's example.
* tools/unmunch.cxx: modified for FULLSTRIP.
* affixmgr.cxx: COMPOUNDRULE now works with long and numerical flag
types by parenthesized flags. Syntax: (flag)*, (flag)(flag)?(flag)*.
* tests/compoundrule[78].*: tests with parenthesized COMPOUNDRULE
* suggestmgr.cxx: modified badchar*(), forgotchar*() and extrachar*()
1-character distance suggestion algorithms: search a TRY character
in all position instead of all TRY characters in a character position
(it can give more readable suggestion order, also better suggestions
in the first positions, when TRY characters are sorted by frequency.)
For example, suggestions for "moze":
ooze, doze, Roze, maze, more etc. (Hunspell 1.2.6),
maze, more, mote, ooze, mole etc. (Hunspell 1.2.7).
* suggestmgr.cxx: extended compound word checking for better COMPOUNDRULE
related suggestions, for example English ordinal numbers: 121323th ->
121323rd (it needs also a th->rd REP definition).
* phonet.cxx: cast unsigned char parameter of isdigit() and fix
isalpha by myisalpha() (potential problems in Windows environment).
Reported by Thomas Lange in OOo Issue 92736.
* hunspell/csutil.*,hunspell/{affentry,affixmgr,hunspell,suggestmgr}.cxx:
fix potential buffer overloading under morphological analysis by the
new mystrcat() function. Reported by Molnár Andor (dolhpy at true
dot hu) in Bug 2026203.
* affixmgr.cxx: add recursion limit to defcpd(). Fix OOo Issue 76067:
crash-like deceleration by checking hexadecimal numbers with long FFF
sequence (combinatory explosion by the en_US words "f" and "ff").
Missing fix reported by Mathias Bauer.
* affixmgr.cxx: fix the difference in the Unicode and non-Unicode
parts of cpdcase_check(). Bug report by Brett Wilson.
* filemgr.*, affixmgr.cxx, csutil.*, hashmgr.*: warning messages now
contain line numbers (use --with-warnings configure option for
warning messages).
* hunspell.cxx: analyze(): fix case conversion of stemming and
morphological analysis of UTF-8 encoded input. Reported by Ferenc Godó.
* tools/hunspell.cxx: fix LaTeX Unicode support in filter mode.
Reported by Jan Seeger in Bug 2039990.
* affixmgr.hxx: 0.5 or in 64 bit environment, 1 MB (virtual) memory
saving using only the requested size for sFlag and pFlag arrays.
Bug report by Brett Wilson.
* affixmgr.cxx,tools/hunspell.cxx: get_version() returns with full
VERSION affix parameter instead of its first word. Fixes for
Hunspell's header. Some problems with Hunspell header reported in Bug 2043080.
2008-07-15 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affentry.cxx: fixes of the affix rule matching algorithm (affected
only the sk_SK dictionary from all dictionaries):
- fix dot pattern + accented letters matching (in non Unicode encoding)
- word-length conditions work again
* tests/condition.*: extended test for the fix.
* hashmgr.cxx: load multiword expressions: spaces may be parts
of the dictionary words again (but spaces also work as morphological
field separators: word word2 -> "word word2", word po:noun -> "word").
* man/hunspell.4: updated manual
* tools/hunspell.cxx: add iconv character conversion support to
stemming and morphological analysis
* tools/hunspell.cxx: add /usr/share/myspell/dicts search path for
Ubuntu support
2008-07-09 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affentry.cxx: fixes of the affix rule matching algorithm:
- right ASCII character handling in bracket expression;
- fault-tolerant nextchar() for bad rules.
Problem with the en_GB dictionary and nextchar() with a detailed
code analysis reported by John Winters in Bug ID 2012753.
* tests/condition.*: extended test for the fix.
* hunspell/hunspell.*, parsers/*, tools/hunspell.cxx: fix compiler
warnings (deprecated const-free char consts)
* win_api/hunspelldll.*: add hunspell_free_list(), the problem
reported by Laurier Mercer.
2008-06-30 Török László <torok_laszlo at users dot SF dot net>:
* tests/affixmgr.cxx: fix morphological analysis: strcat() on
an uninitialized char array in suffix_check_morph().
2008-06-18 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: fix GCC compiler warnings
(comparisons with string literal results in unspecified behaviour).
The problem reported by Ladislav Michnovič.
2008-06-17 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* src/hunspell/{hunspell.cxx,hunspell.h}: add free_list() to the C and
C++ interface to deallocate suggestion lists. The problem
reported by Laurie Mercer and Christophe Paris.
* csutil.cxx: fix freelist() to deallocate non-NULL list, when n = 0.
* tools/{analyze,example,chmorph,hunspell}.cxx: use free_list().
* tools/hunspell.cxx: fix only --with-readline compiling problem.
Reported by Volkov Peter in Bug 1995842.
* man/hunspell.3,hunspell.hxx: fix analyze and generate examples in
the manual and comments (using char*** parameter instead of char**).
* tools/example.cxx: fix suggestion example.
2008-06-17 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* affentry.cxx: fix the new affix rule matching algorithm of
Hunspell 1.2. Arabic dictionary problem reported by Khaled Hosny
in Bug ID 1975530. Mohamed Kebdani also sent a
prepared test data.
* tests/{1975530,condition*}: tests for the fix
2008-06-13 Ingo H. de Boer <idb_winshell at>:
* src/hunspell/{affixmgr.cxx,hunspell.cxx}: add missing type
cast to strstr() calls for VC8 compatibility.
2008-06-13 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* suggestmgr.cxx: add also part1-part2 suggestion with dash
for bad part1part2 word forms, suggested by Ruud Baars.
For example, now suggestion of "parttime": "part time"
and "part-time".
NOTE: this feature will work only when the TRY definition
contains "-" or the letter "a".
* hunspell.cxx: new XML API in spell() and suggest() (see hunspell(3)).
* src/hunspell/*: fixes for build environment.
* man/{hunspell.3,hzip.1,hunzip.1}: add new manual pages for
Hunspell programming API and dictionary compression and
encryption utilities.
* src/hunspell/*: handle failed mystrdup() calls and other potential
insufficient memory problems. The problem reported by Elio Voci
in Issue 90604 and others.
* src/tools/affixmgr.cxx: restore original behaviour of get_wordchars
without conditional code. Problem reported by Ingo H. de Boer
in Bug 1763105.
* win_api/hunspelldll.h: put_word() renamed to add() in the (old)
Windows DLL API bug reported in Bug 1943236. Also reported
by Bartkó Zoltán.
* tools/hunspell.cxx: fix chench() for environments without
native language support (ENABLE_NLS 0 in config.h),
PHP system_exec() bug reported by Michel Weimerskirch in Bug 1951087.
* hunspell.cxx, affixmgr.cxx: remove "result" from the
(result && *result) conditions, when "result" is a static variable.
The problem and a possible solution reported by Ladislav Michnovič.
* affixmgr.cxx: parse_affix(): print line instead of NULL in
the warning message, when affix class header is bad.
The problem reported by Ladislav Michnovič.
2008-06-01 Christian Lohmaier <cloph at OOo>
* patch to fix --with-readline, --with-ui logic.
Reported in the Bug 981395.
2008-05-04: Volkov Peter <volkov_peter at users sourceforge net>
* fix LibTool 2.22 incompatibility by removing
unused LT_* macros. Report and patch in Bug 1957383.
The problem reported and fixed by Ladislav Michnovič, too.
2008-04-23: Ladislav Michnovič <lmichnovic at suse cz>
* fix wrongly set directories.
2008-04-12 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* src/tools/hunspell.cxx:
- Multilingual spell checking and special dictionary support with -d.
Multilingual spell checking suggested by Khaled Hosny (
Bug 1834280). Example for the new syntax:
-d en_US,en_geo,en_med,de_DE,de_med
en_US and de_DE are base dictionaries, and en_geo, en_med, de_med
are special dictionaries (dictionaries without affix file).
Special dictionaries are optional extension of the base dictionaries.
There is no explicit naming convention for special dictionaries,
only the ".dic" extension: dictionaries without affix file will
be an extension of the preceding base dictionary. First dictionary
in -d parameter must have an affix file (it must be a base
- new options for debugging, morphological analysis and stemming:
-m: morphological analysis or flag debug mode (without affix
rule data it signs the flag of the affix rules)
-s: stemming mode
-D: show also available dictionaries and search path
(suggested by Aaron Digulla in Bug 1902133)
- add missing refresh() to print bad words before the slower suggestion
search in UI (better user experience)
- fix tabulator problems (reported by ugli-kid-joe AT sf DOT net)
- fix different encoding of dic and input, and suggestions
- add per mille sign to LANG hu_HU section.
- rewrite program messages. Concatenating multiple printfs for
easier translation suggested by András Tímár and Gábor Kelemen.
* src/hunspell/csutil.cxx: set static encds variable. Patch by
Rene Engerhald. Bug 1896207 and 1939988.
* src/hunspell/w_char.hxx,csutil.hxx: reorganizing
w_char typedef and HENTRY_DATA, HENTRY_FIND consts
* src/hunspell/hunzip.cxx: fopen(): using rb options instead of r (fix
for Windows)
* src/tools/affixmgr.cxx: restore original behaviour of get_wordchars
in an #ifdef WINSHELL section. Problem reported by Ingo H. de Boer
in Bug 1763105.
* src/tools/chmorph.cxx: remove the experimental modifications
* src/tools/hzip.c: fopen(): using wb options instead of w (fix
for Windows)
* src/tools/hunzip.cxx: add missing MOZILLA_CLIENT. Reported
by Ryan VanderMeulen.
* man/*, man/hu/*: updated manual
* man/hunspell.4: fix formatting problem (missing header)
* tools/makealias: now works with the extra data fields.
* phonet.cxx: use HASHSIZE const
* tests/rep.aff: fix REP count
* src/win_api/Makefile.cygwin, README: native Windows compilation
in Cygwin environment without cygwin1.dll dependency (see README
for compiling instructions).
2008-04-08 Roland Smith <rsmith AT xs4all DOT nl>:
* src/parsers/latexparser.cxx: fix PATTERN_LEN for AMD64 and
other platforms with different struct padding ( Bug 1937995).
2008-04-03 Kelemen Gábor <kelemeng AT gnome DOT hu>:
* po/ fix path of the source file
* po/Makevars: add --from-code=UTF-8 gettext option
* hunspell.cxx: add comments for shortkey translation
2008-02-04 Flemming Frandsen <flfr AT stibo DOT com>
* src/hunspell.h: fix Windows DLL support
- this patch also reported by Zoltán Bartkó.
2008-01-30 Mark McClain <marc_mcclain AT users DOT sf DOT net>
* src/hunspell.cxx: stem(): fix function call side effect
for PPC platform ( Bug 1882105).
2008-01-30 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* hunspell.cxx, csutil.cxx, hunspelldll.c: fix Bug 1851246, patch also by Ingo H. de Boer.
* hunspell.h: fix Bug 1856572 (C prototype problem),
patch by Mark de Does.
* fix Bug 1857450 wrong prefix, reported
by Mark de Does.
* reset numbering scheme: libhunspell-1.2.
Fix Bug 1857512 reported by Mark de Does,
also by Rene Engelhard.
* csutil.cxx: patches for ARM platform, signed_chars.dpatch
by Rene Engelhard and arm_structure_alignment.dpatch by
Steinar H. Gunderson <>
* hunzip.*, hzip.c: new hzip compression format
* tools/affixcompressor: affix compressor utility (similar to
munch, but it generates affix table automatically), works
with million-words dictionaries of agglutinative languages.
* README: fix problems reported by Pham Ngoc Khanh.
* csutil.cxx, suggestmgr: Warning-free in OOo builds.
* hashmgr.*, csutil.*: fix protected memory problems with
stored pointers on several not x86 platforms by
store_pointer(), get_stored_pointer().
* src/tools/hunspell.cxx: fix iconv support on Solaris platform.
* tests/IJ.good: add missing test file
* csutil.cxx: fix const char* related errors. Compiling bug
with Visual C++ reported by Ryan VanderMeulen and Ingo H. de Boer.
2008-01-03 Caolan McNamara <cmc at OO.o>:
* csutil.cxx: Bug 1863239, notrailingcomma patch and
optimization of get_currect_cs().
2007-11-01 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* hunspell/*: new feature: morphological generation,
also fix experimental morphological analysis and stemming.
- new API functions and improved API:
- analyze(word): (instead of morph()) morphological analysis
- stem(word): stemming
- stem(list): stemming based on the result of an analysis
- generate(word, word2): morphological generation
- generate(word, list): morphological generation
- add(word): add word to the run-time dictionary (renamed put_word())
- add_with_affix(word, word2): (renamed put_word_pattern()):
add word to the run-time dictionary with affix flags of the
second parameter: all affixed forms of the user words will be
recognised by the spell checker. Especially useful for
agglutinative languages.
- remove(word): remove word from the run-time dictionary (not
- see manual and hunspell/hunspell.hxx header and tests/morph.*
* tests/morph.*: test data, example for morphological analysis,
stemming and generation
* tools/analyze, tools/chmorph: extended and new demo applications:
- analyze (originally hunmorph): analyses and stems input words,
generates word forms from input word pairs.
- chmorph: morphological transformation filter
*, hunspell/ set library version number.
Bug reported by Rene Engelhard.
* affentry.cxx, affixmgr.cxx: new pattern matching algorithm in
condition checking of affix rules instead of the Dömölki-algorithm:
- Unlimited condition length (instead of max. 8 characters).
- Less memory consumption, especially useful for affix rich languages:
5,4 MB memory savings with hu_HU dictionary.
- Speed change depends from dictionaries and CPU caches: English spell
checking is 4% faster on Linux words with en_US dictionary, Hungarian
spell checking is 25% slower on most frequent words of Hungarian
* tests/sug.*, sugutf.*: updated test data (use "a" and "lot"
dictionary items instead of "a lot".)
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: free(csconv) instead of delete csconv.
Report and patch by Sylvain Paschein in Mozilla Issue 398268.
* suggestmgr.cxx, tools/hunspell.cxx: bad spelling of "misspelled".
Ubuntu Bug #134792, patch by Malcolm Parsons.
* tests/base_utf.*: use Unicode apostrophe instead of 8-bit one.
* hunspell.cxx, hashmgr.cxx: add(): use HashMgr::add()
2007-10-25 Pavel Janík <pjanik at OOo>:
* hunspell/csutil.cxx: Fix type cast warnings on 64bit Linux in
printing of character positions in u8_u16(). OOo issue 82984.
2007-09-05 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* win_api/Hunspell.vproj, parsers/testparser.cxx,textparser.hxx:
warning fixes and removing unnecessary Windows project file.
Reported by Ingo H. de Boer.
* hashmgr.*, {affixmgr,suggestmgr}.cxx: optimized data structure
for variable-count fields (only "ph" transliteration field in
this version, see next item). Also less memory consumption:
-13% (0.75 MB) with en_US dictionary, -6% (1 MB) with hu_HU.
* suggestmgr.cxx: dictionary based phonetic suggestion for special
or foreign pronounciation (see also rule-based PHONE in manual).
Usage: tab separated field in dictionary lines, started with "ph:".
The field contains a phonetic transliteration of the word:
Marseille ph:maarsayl
* tests/phone.*: test data for dictionary and rule based phonetic
* hunspell.cxx: fix potential bad memory access in allcap word
capitalization in suggest() (bug of previous version).
* hunspell.cxx, atypes.hxx: set correct limit for UTF-8 encoded
input words (256 byte).
* suggestmgr.cxx: improved REP suggestions with spaces: it works
without dictionary modification.
OOo issue 80147, reported by Davide Prina.
* tests/rep.*: new test data: higher priority for "alot" -> "a lot",
and Italian suggestion "un'alunno" -> "un alunno".
* affixmgr.cxx: fix Unicode ngram suggestions in expand_rootword().
(Suggestions with bad affixes.)
Bug reported by Vitaly Piryatinksy <piv dot v dot vitaly at gmail>.
* tests/ngram_utf_fix.*: test based on Vitaly Piryatinksy's data.
* suggestmgr.cxx: fix twowords() for last UTF-8 multibyte character.
(conditional jump or move depended on uninitialised value).
2007-08-29 Ingo H. de Boer <idb_winshell at>:
* win_api/{hunspell,libhunspell, testparser}.vcproj: new project
files for the library and the executables.
* Hunspell.rc, Hunspell.sln, config.h: updated versions.
Version number problem also reported by András Tímár.
2007-08-27 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* suggestmgr.hxx: put fixed version. Bug report by Ingo H. de Boer.
* suggestmgr.cxx: remove variable-length local character array
reported by Ingo H. de Boer.
2007-08-27 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* suggestmgr.hxx: change bad time_t to clock_t in header, too.
Bug reports or patches by Ingo H. de Boer under
Bug ID 1781951, János Mohácsi and Gábor Zahemszky, András Tímár,
OMax3 at under Bug ID 1781592.
* phonet.*: change variable-length local character array to
portable fixed size character array. Problem reported by
Ingo H. de Boer under Bug ID 1781951 and
Ryan VanderMeulen.
* suggestmgr.cxx: remove debug message (also by
Ingo H. de Boer).
2007-08-26 Ingo H. de Boer <idb_winshell at>:
* win_api/Hunspell.vcproj: updated version (with phonet.*)
2007-08-23 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* phonet.{c,h}xx, suggestmgr.cxx: PHONE parameter:
pronounciation based suggestion using Björn Jacke's original Aspell
phonetic transcription algorithm (, relicensed
under GPL/LGPL/MPL tri-license with the permission of the author.
Usage: see manual.
* affixmgr,suggestmgr.cxx: add KEY parameter for keyboard and
input method error related suggestions.
Example: KEY qwertyuiop|asdfghjkl|zxcvbnm
* man/hunspell.4: description about PHONE and KEY suggestion parameters.
* suggestmgr.cxx: enhancements for better suggestions:
- Set ngram suggestions for badchar-type errors
and only two word and compound word suggestions, too.
- Separate not compound and compound word
suggestions for MAP suggestion, too.
- Double swap suggestions for short words.
For example: ahev -> have, hwihc -> which.
- Better time limits using clock() instead of time()
(tenths of a second resolution instead of second ones).
- leftcommonsubstring() weigth function.
* htype.hxx, hashmgr.cxx: blen (byte length) and clen (character
length) fields instead of wlen
* affixmgr.cxx: fix get_syllable() for bad Unicode inputs.
* tests/suggestiontest/*: test environment for suggestions
2007-08-07 Martijn Wargers:
* csutil.cxx: fix Mingw build error associated with ToUpper() call.
Report and patch in Mozilla Issue 391447.
2007-08-07 Robert Longson:
* atypes.cxx: use empty inline function HUNSPELL_WARNING instead of
variadic macros to switch of Hunspell warnings.
Reported by Gavin Sharp in Mozilla Issue 391147.
2007-08-05 Ginn Chen:
* hashmgr.cxx: Hunspell failed to compile on OpenSolaris (use stdio
instead of csdio). Report and patch in Mozilla Issue 391040.
2007-07-25 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* parsers/*.cxx: Hunspell executable recognises and accepts URLs,
e-mail addresses, directory paths, reported by Jeppe Bundsgaard.
* src/tools/hunspell.cxx: --check-url: new option of Hunspell program.
Use --check-url, if you want check URLs, e-mail addresses and paths.
* parsers/textparser.cxx: strip colon at end of words for Finnish
and Swedish (colon may be in words in Finnish and Swedish).
Problem reported by Lars Aronsson.
* tests/colons_in_words.*: test data
* tests/digits_in_words.*: example for using digits in words
(eg. 1-jährig, 112-jährig etc. in German), reported by Lars Aronsson.
* hashmgr.cxx: Hunspell accepts allcaps forms of mixed case
words of personal dictionaries (+allcaps custom dictionary words with
allcaps affixes). Bug ID 1755272, reported by Ellis Miller.
* hashmgr.cxx: fix small memory leaks with alias compressed
dictionaries (free flag vectors of affixed personal dictionary words
and flag vectors of hidden capitalized forms of mixed case and
allcaps words).
* affixmgr.cxx: fix COMPOUNDRULE checking with affixed compounds. Bug ID 1706659, reported by Björn Jacke. Also fixing for
OOo Issue 76067 (crash-like deceleration for hexadecimal numbers
with long FFFFFF sequence using en_US dictionary).
* tools/hunspell.cxx: add missing return to save_privdic().
* man/hunspell.4: add information about affixation of personal words:
"Personal dictionaries are simple word lists, but with optional
word patterns for affixation, separated by a slash:
In this example, "foo" and "Foo" are personal words, plus Foo
will be recognised with affixes of Simpson (Foo's etc.)."
2007-07-18 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* src/win_api/: add missing resource files, reported by Ingo H. de Boer.
2007-07-16 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* hunspell.cxx: fix dot removing from UTF-8 encoded words in cleanword2()
(Capitalised words with dots, as "Something." were not recognised
using Unicode encoded dictionaries.)
* tests/{base.*,base_utf.*}: extended and new test files for
dot removing and Unicode support.
* tools/hunspell.cxx: fix Cygwin, OS X compatibility using platform
specifics iconv() header by ICONV_CONST macro of Autoconf. Bug ID 1746030, reported by Mike Tian-Jian Jiang. Bug ID 1753939, reported by Jean-Christophe Helary.
* tools/hunspell.cxx: fix missing global path setting with -d option.
* tests/ fix broken Valgrind checking (missing warnings
with VALGRIND=memcheck make check).
* csutil.cxx: fix condition in u8_u16() to avoid invalid read
of not null-terminated character arrays (detected by Valgrind
in Hunspell executable: associated with 8-bit character table
conversion in tools/hunspell.cxx).
* csutil.cxx: free_utf_tbl(): use utf_tbl_count-- instead of utf_tbl--.
Memory leak in Hunspell executable detected by Valgrind.
* hashmgr.cxx: add missing free_utf_tbl(), memory leak in Hunspell
executable detected by Valgrind.
* hashmgr.cxx: load_tables(): fix memory error in spec. capitalization.
Use sizeof(unsigned short) instead of bad sizeof(unsigned short*).
Invalid memory read detected by Valgrind.
* hashmgr.cxx: add_word(): fix memory error in spec. capitalization.
Update also affix array length of capitalized homonyms. Invalid
memory read detected by Valgrind.
* hunspell.cxx: suggest(): fix invalid memory write and leak.
Bad realloc() and missing free() detected by Valgrind associated
with suggestions for "something.The" type spelling errors.
* {dictmgr,csutil,hashmgr,suggestmgr}.cxx: check memory allocation. Bug ID 1747507, based on the patch by Jose da Silva.
2007-07-13 Ingo H. de Boer <idb_winshell at>:
* atypes.cxx: fix Visual C compatibility: Using
"HUNSPELL_WARNING(a,b,...} {}" macro instead of empty "X(a,b...)".
* hunspell.cxx: changes for Windows API.
* win_api/Hunspell.*: new resource files
* win_api/hunspelldll.*: set optional Hunspell and Borland spec. codes Bug ID 1753802, patch by Ingo H. de Boer.
See also Bug ID 1751406, patch by Mike Tian-Jian Jiang.
2007-07-09 Caolan McNamara <cmc at OO.o>:
* {hunspell,hashmgr,affentry}.cxx: fix warnings of Coverity program
analyzer. Bug ID, 1750219.
2007-07-06 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* atypes.cxx: warning-free swallowing of conditional warning messages
and their parameters using empty HUNSPELL_WARNING(a,b...) macro.
* {affixmgr,atypes,csutil}.cxx: fix unused variable warnings
using WARNVAR macro for conditionally named variables.
* hashmgr.cxx: fix unused variable warning in add_word() by cond. name
* hunspell.cxx: fix shadowed declaration of captype var. in suggest()
2006-06-29 Caolan McNamara <cmc at OO.o>:
* hunspell.cxx: patch to fix possible memory leak in analyze() of
experimental morphological analyzer code. Bug ID 1745263.
2007-06-29 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: check bad capitalisation of Dutch letter IJ.
- Feature Request ID 1640985, reported by Frank Fesevur.
- Solution: FORBIDDENWORD for capitalised word forms (need
an improved Dutch dictionary with forbidden words: Ijs/*, etc.).
* tests/IJ.*: test data and example.
* hashmgr.cxx, hunspell.cxx: check capitalization of special word forms
- words with mixed capitalisation: - OPENOFFICE.ORG Bug ID 1398550, reported by Dmitri Gabinski.
- allcap words and suffixes: UNICEF's - UNICEF'S
- prefixes with apostrophe and proper names: Sant'Elia - SANT'ELIA
For Catalan, French and Italian languages.
Reported by Davide Prina in OOo Issue 68568.
* tests/allcaps*: tests for OPENOFFICE.ORG, UNICEF'S capitalization.
* tests/i68568*: tests for SANT'ELIA capitalization.
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx: suggestion for missing sentence spacing:
something.The -> something. The
* tools/hunspell.cxx: multiple character encoding support
- -i option: custom input encoding Bug ID 1610866, reported by Thobias Schlemmer. Bug ID 1633413, reported by Dan Kenigsberg.
See also hunspell-1.1.5-encoding.patch of Fedora from Caolan Mc'Namara.
* tests/*.test: add input encodings
* tools/hunspell.cxx: use locale data for default dictionary names. Bug ID 1731630, report and patch from Bernhard Rosenkraenzer,
See also hunspell-1.1.4-defaultdictfromlang.patch of Fedora Linux
from Caolan McNamara.
* tools/hunspell.cxx: fix 8-bit tokenization (letters without
casing, like ß or Hebrew characters now are handled well)
* tools/hunspell.cxx: dictionary search path
- DICPATH environmental variable
- -D option: show directory path of loaded dictionary
- automatic detection of directories
* affixmgr.cxx: fault-tolerant patch for REP and other affix
table data problems. Problem with Hunspell and en_GB dictionary
reported by Thomas Lange in OOo Issue 76098 and
Stephan Bergmann in OOo Issue 76100. Bug ID 1698240, reported by Ingo H. de Boer.
* csutil.cxx: fix mkallcap_utf() for allcaps suggestion in UTF-8.
* suggestmgr.cxx: fix bad movechar_utf() (missing strlen()).
* hunspell.cxx: fix bad degree sign detection in Unicode
hu_HU environment.
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx: free allocated memory of csconv in
ported Mozilla code.
- Mozilla Bugzilla Bug 383564, report and Mozilla MySpell patch
by Andrew Geul. Reported by Ryan VanderMeulen for Hunspell.
* suggestmgr.cxx: fix minor difference in Unicode suggestion
(ngram suggestion of allcaps words in Unicode).
* hashmgr.cxx: close file handle after errors. Bug ID 1736286, reported by John Nisly.
* syntax error (shell variable with spaces). Bug ID 1731625, reported by Bernhard Rosenkraenzer.
* hunspell.cxx: check_word(): fix bad usage of info pointer.
* hashmgr.cxx: fix de_DE related bug (accept words with leading dash). Bug ID 1696134, reported by Björn Jacke.
* suggestmgr.cxx, tests/1695964.*: fix NEEDAFFIX homonym suggestion. Bug ID 1695964, reported by Björn Jacke.
* tests/1463589*: capitalized ngram suggestion test data for Bug ID 1463589, reported by Frederik Fouvry.
* csutil.cxx, affixmgr.cxx: fix possible heap error with
multiple instances of utf_tbl. Bug ID 1693875, reported by Ingo H. de Boer.
* affixmgr.cxx, suggestmgr.cxx, license.hunspell: convert to ASCII.
Locale dependent compiling problems. Bug ID 1694379, reported
by Mike Tian-Jian Jiang. OOo Issue 78018 reported by Thomas Lange.
* tests/ compatibility issues
- fix Valgrind support (check shared library instead of shell wrapper)
- remove deprecated "tail +2" syntax
- set 8-bit locale for testing (LC_ALL=C)
* hunspell.hxx: remove license.* and config.h dependencies.
- hunspell-1.1.5-badheader.patch from Caolan McNamara <cmc at OO.o>
2007-03-21 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* tools/, munch.h, unmunch.h: add missing munch.h and unmunch.h
Reported by Björn Jacke and Khaled Hosny ( Bug ID 1684144)
* hunspell/hunspell.cxx, hunspell.hxx: fix --with-ui compliling error (add get_csconv())
Reported by Khaled Hosny ( Bug ID 1685010)
2007-03-19 Németh László <nemeth at OOo>:
* csutil.cxx, hunspell/hunspell.cxx: Unicode non BMP area (>65K character range) support
(except conditional patterns and strip characters of affix rules)
* tests/utf8_nonbmp*: test data
* src/hunspell/*: add Mozilla patches from David Einstein
- run-time generated 8-bit character tables
- other Mozilla related changes (see Mozilla Bugzilla Bug 319778)
* csutil.cxx, affixmgr.cxx, hashmgr.cxx: optimized version of IGNORE feature
- IGNORE works with affixes (except strip characters and affix conditions)
* tests/ignore*: test data with latin characters
* tests/ignoreutf*: Unicode test data with Arabic diacritics (Harakat)
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx: new edit distance suggestion methods
- capitalization: nasa -> NASA
- long swap: permenant -> permanent
- long mov.: Ghandi -> Gandhi
- double two characters: vacacation -> vacation
* tests/sug.*: test data
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: space in REP strings (alot -> a lot)
Note: Underline character signs the space in REP strings: REP alot a_lot, and
put the expression with space ("a lot") into the dic file (see tests/sug).
* hashmgr.cxx, affixmgr.cxx: ignore Unicode byte order mark (BOM sequence)
* tests/utf8_bom*: test data
* hunspell/*.cxx: OOo Issue 68903 - Make lingucomponent warning-free on wntmsci10
- fix Hunspell related warning messages on Windows platform (except some assignment
within conditional expressions). Reported and started by Stephan Bergmann.
* hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: fix OOo Issue 66683 - hunspell dmake debug=x fails
- Reported by Stephan Bergmann.
* src/hunspell/hunspell.[ch]xx: thread safe API for Hunspell executable
(removing prev*() functions, new spell(word, info, root) function)
*, src/hunspell/*: HUNSPELL_EXPERIMENTAL code
--with-experimental configure option (conditional compiling of morphological analyser
and stemmer tools)
*, src/hunspell/*: conditional Hunspell warning messages
--with-warnings configure option
* affixmgr.cxx: new, optimized parsing functions
* affixmgr.cxx: fix homonym handling for German dictionary project,
reported by Björn Jacke ( Bug ID 1592880).
* tests/1592880.*: test data by Björn Jacke
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: fix CIRCUMFIX suggestion
Bug reported by Erdal Ronahi.
* hunspell.cxx: reverse root word output (complex prefixes)
Bug reported by Munzir Taha.
* tools/hunspell.cxx: fix Emacs compatibility, patch by marot at
- no % command in PIPE mode (SourceForge BugTracker 1595607)
* suggestmgr.[hc]xx: rename check() functions to checkword() (OOo Issue 68296)
adopt MySpell patch by Bryan Petty (tierra at ooo) for Hunspell source
* csutil.cxx, munch.c, unmunch.c: adopt relevant parts of the MinGW patch
(OOo Issue 42504) by tonal at ooo
* affigmgr.cxx: remove double candidate_check() call, reported by Bram Moolenaar
* tests/ add LC_ALL="C" environment. Locale dependency of make check
reported by Gentoo project.
* src/tools/hunspell.cxx: UTF-8 highlighting fix for console UI
(not solved: breaking long UTF-8 lines)
* src/tools/unmunch.c: fix bad generation if strip is shorter than condition,
reported by Davide Prina
* src/tools/unmunch.h: increase 5000 -> 500000
* src/tools/hunspell.cxx: fix memory error in suggestion (uninitialized parameter),
Bug also reported by Björn Jacke in SourceForge Bug 1469957
* csutil.cxx, affixmgr.cxx: fix Caolan McNamara's patch for non OOo environment
2006-11-11 Caolan McNamara <cmc at OO.o>:
* csutil.cxx, affixmgr.cxx: UTF-8 table patch (OOo Issue 71449)
Description: memory optimization (OOo doesn't use the large UTF-8 table).
* shared library patch (Sourceforge ID 1610756)
* hunspell.h, hunspell.cxx: C API patch (Sourceforge ID 1616353)
* hunspell.pc: pkgconfig patch (Sourceforge ID 1639128)
2006-10-17 Ryan Jones <at Mozilla Bugzilla>:
* affixmgr.cxx: missing fclose(affixlst) calls
Reported by <gavins at ooo> in OOo Issue 70408
2007-07-11 Taha Zerrouki <taha at gawab>:
* affixmgr.cxx, hunspell.cxx, hashmgr.cxx, csutil.cxx: IGNORE feature to remove
optional Arabic and other characters from input and dictionary words.
* src/hunspell/langnum.hxx: add Arabic language number, lang_ar=96
* tests/ignore.*: test data
2006-05-28 Miha Vrhovnik <mvrhov at users.sourceforge>:
* src/win_api/*: C API for Windows DLLs
- also Delphi text editor example (see on Hunspell Sourceforge page)
2006-05-18 Kevin F. Quinn <kevquinn at gentoo>:
* utf_info.cxx: struct -> static struct
Shared library patch also developed by Gentoo developers (Hanno Meyer-Thurow,
Diego Pettenò, Kevin F. Quinn)
2006-02-02 Németh László <>:
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: suggest(): replace "fooBar" -> "foo bar" suggestions
with "fooBar" ->"foo Bar" (missing spaces are typical OCR bugs).
Bug reported by stowrob at OOo in Issue 58202.
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx: twowords(): permit 1-character words.
(restore MySpell's original behavior). Here: "aNew" -> "a New".
* tests/i58202.*: test data
* src/parsers/textparser.cxx: fix Unicode tokenization in is_wordchar()
(extra word characters (WORDCHARS) didn't work on big-endian platforms).
* src/hunspell/{csutil,affixmgr}.cxx: inline isSubset(), isRevSubset():
little speed optimalization for languages with rich morphology.
* src/tools/hunspell.cxx: fix bad --with-ui and --with-readline compiling
when (N)curses is missing. Reported by Daniel Naber.
2006-01-19 Tor Lillqvist <>
* src/hunspell/csutil.cxx: mystrsep(): fix locale-dependent isspace() tokenization
2006-01-06 András Tímár <>
* src/hunspell/{hashmgr.hxx,hunspell.cxx}: fix Visual C++ compiling errors
2006-01-05 Németh László <>:
* COPYING: set GPL/LGPL/MPL tri-license for Mozilla integration.
Rationale: Mozilla source code contains an old MySpell version
with GPL/LGPL/MPL tri-license. (MPL license is a copyleft license, similar
to the LGPL, but it acts on file level.)
* COPYING.LGPL: GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1 (LGPL)
* COPYING.MPL: Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL)
* license.hunspell, src/hunspell/license.hunspell: GPL/LGPL/MPL tri-license
* src/hunspell/{affixmgr,hashmgr}.*: AF, AM alias definitions in affix file:
compression of flag sets and morphological descriptions (see manual,
and tests/alias* test files).
Rationale: Alias compression is also good for loading time and memory
efficiency, not only smaller resources.
* src/tools/makealias: alias compression utility
(usage: ./makealias file.dic file.aff)
* tests/alias{,2,3}: AF, AM tests
* man/hunspell.4: add AF, AM documentation
* src/hunspell/affentry.cxx, atypes.hxx: add new opts bits (aeALIASM, aeALIASF)
* tools/hunspell, src/parser/*, src/hunspell/*: Hunspell program
tokenizes Unicode texts (only with UTF-8 encoded dictionaries).
Missing Unicode tokenization reported by Björn Jacke, Egmont Koblinger,
Jess Body and others.
Note: Curses interactive interface hasn't worked perfectly yet.
* tests/*.tests: remove -1 parameters of Hunspell
* tests/*.{good,wrong}: remove tabulators
* src/hunspell/{hunspell,affixmgr}.cxx: BREAK option: break words at
specified break points and checking word parts separately (see manual).
Note: COMPOUNDRULE is better (or will be better) for handling dashes and
other compound joining characters or character strings. Use BREAK, if you
want check words with dashes or other joining characters and there is no time
or possibility to describe precise compound rules with COMPOUNDRULE.
* tests/break.*: BREAK example.
* src/hunspell/{affixmgr,hunspell}.cxx: add CHECKSHARPS declaration instead
of LANG de_DE definitions to handle German sharp s in both spelling and
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: With CHECKSHARPS, uppercase words are valid
with both lower sharp s (it's is optional for names in German legal texts)
and SS (MÜßIG, MÜSSIG). Missing lower sharp s form reported by Björn Jacke.
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: KEEPCASE flag on a sharp s word has a special
meaning with CHECKSHARPS declaration: KEEPCASE permits capitalisation and SS upper
casing of a sharp s word (Müßig and MÜSSIG), but forbids the upper cased form
with lower sharp s character(s): *MÜßIG.
* tests/germancompounding*: add CHECKSHARPS, remove LANG
* tests/checksharps*: add CHECKSHARPS and KEEPCASE, remove LANG
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: improved suggestions:
- suggestions for pressed Caps Lock problems: macARONI -> macaroni
- suggestions for long shift problems: MAcaroni -> Macaroni, macaroni
- suggestions for KEEPCASE words: KG -> kg
* src/hunspell/csutil.cxx: fix mystrrep() function:
- suggestions for lower sharp s in uppercased words: MÜßIG -> MÜSSIG
* tests/checksharps{,utf}.sug: add tests for mystrrep() fix
* src/hunspell/hashmgr.cxx: Now dictionary words can contain slashes
with the "\/" syntax. Problem reported by Frederik Fouvry.
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: fix bad duplicate filter in suggest().
(Suggesting some capitalised compound words caused program crash
with Hungarian dictionary, OOo Issue 59055).
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: fix bad defcpd_check() call in compound_check().
(Overlapping new COMPOUNDRULE and old compounding methods caused program
crash at suggestion.)
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.{cxx,hxx}: check affix flag duplication at affix classes.
Suggested by Daniel Naber.
* src/hunspell/affentry.cxx: remove unused variable declarations (OOo i58338).
Compiler warnings reported by András Tímár and Martin Hollmichel.
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: morph(): not analyse bad mixed uppercased forms
(fix Arabic morphological analysis with Buckwalter's Arabic transliteration)
* src/hunspell/affentry.{cxx,hxx}, atypes.hxx: little memory optimization
in affentry:
- using unsigned char fields instead of short (stripl, appndl, numconds)
- rename xpflg field to opts
- removing utf8 field, use aeUTF8 bit of opts field
* set tests/maputf.test to XFAILED on ARM platform.
Fail reported by Rene Engelhard.
* link Ncursesw library, if exists.
* BUGS: add BUGS file
* tests/complexprefixes2.*: test for morphological analysis with COMPLEXPREFIXES
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: use "COMPOUNDRULE" instead of
"COMPOUND". The new name suggested by Bram Moolenaar.
* tests/compoundrule*: modified and renamed compound.* test files
- also new addition to the documentation:
Header of the dictionary file define approximate dictionary size:
``A dictionary file (*.dic) contains a list of words, one per line.
The first line of the dictionaries (except personal dictionaries)
contains the _approximate_ word count (for optimal hash memory size).''
Asked by Frederik Foudry.
One-character replacements in REP definitions: ``It's very useful to
define replacements for the most typical one-character mistakes, too:
with REP you can add higher priority to a subset of the TRY suggestions
(suggestion list begins with the REP suggestions).''
2005-11-11 Németh László <>:
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: fix Unicode MAP errors (sorted only n-1
characters instead of n ones in UTF-16 MAP character lists).
Bug reported by Rene Engelhard.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: fix infinite COMPOUND matching (default char
type is unsigned on PowerPC, s390 and ARM platforms and it will never
be negative). Bug reported by Rene Engelhard.
* src/hunspell/{affixmgr,suggestmgr}.cxx: fix bad ONLYINCOMPOUND
word suggestions.
* tests/onlyincompound.sug: empty test file to check this fix.
Bug reported by Björn Jacke.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: fix backtracking in COMPOUND pattern matching.
* tests/compound6.*: test files to check this fix.
* csutil.cxx: set bigger range types in flag_qsort() and flag_bsearch().
* affixmgr.hxx: set better type for cont_classes[] Boolean data (short -> char)
*, tests/ set platform specific XFAIL test
(flagutf8.test on ARM platform)
2005-11-09 Németh László <>:
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: new and improved affix file parameters:
- COMPOUND definitions: compound patterns with regexp-like matching.
See manual and test files: tests/compound*.*
Suggested by Bram Moolenaar.
Also useful for simple word-level lexical scanning, for example
analysing numbers or words with numbers (OOo Issue #53643):
Examples: tests/compound{4,5}.*.
- NOSUGGEST flag: words signed with NOSUGGEST flag are not suggested.
Proposed flag for vulgar and obscene words (OOo Issue #55498).
Example: tests/nosuggest.*.
Problem reported by bobharvey at OOo:
- KEEPCASE flag: Forbid capitalized and uppercased forms of words
signed with KEEPCASE flags. Useful for special ortographies
(measurements and currency often keep their case in uppercased
texts) and other writing systems (eg. keeping lower case of IPA
- CHECKCOMPOUNDCASE: Forbid upper case characters at word bound in compounds.
Examples: tests/checkcompoundcase* and tests/germancompounding.*
- FLAG UTF-8: New flag type: Unicode character encoded with UTF-8.
Example: tests/flagutf8.*.
Rationale: Unicode character type can be more readable
(in a Unicode text editor) than `long' or `num' flag type.
bug fixes:
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: accept numbers and numbers with separators (i53643)
Bug reported by skelet at OOo:
* src/hunspell/csutil.cxx: fix casing data in ISO 8859-13 character table.
* src/hunspell/csutil.cxx: add ISO-8859-15 character encoding (i54980)
Rationale: ISO-8859-15 is the default encoding of the French
dictionary. ISO-8859-15 is a modified version of ISO-8859-1
(latin-1) character encoding with French œ ligatures and euro
symbol. Problem reported by cbrunet at OOo in OOo Issue 54980:
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: fix zero-byte malloc after a bad affix header.
Patch by Harri Pitkänen.
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx: fix bad NEEDAFFIX word suggestion
in ngram suggestions. Reported by Daniel Naber and Friedel Wolff.
* src/hunspell/hashmgr.cxx: fix bad white space checking in affix files.
src/hunspell/{csutil,affixmgr}.cxx: add other white space separators.
Problems with tabulators reported by Frederik Fouvry.
* src/hunspell/*: replace system-dependent <license.*> #include
parameters with quoted ones. Problem reported by Dafydd Jones.
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: fix missing morphological analysis of dot(s)
Reported by Trón Viktor.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: rename PSEUDOROOT to NEEDAFFIX.
Suggested by Bram Moolenaar.
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.hxx: Increase default maximum of
ngram suggestions (3->5). Suggested by Kevin Hendricks.
* src/hunspell/htypes.hxx: Increase MAXDELEN for long affix flags.
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx: modify (perhaps fix) Unicode map suggestion.
tests/maputf test fail on ARM platform reported by Rene Engelhard.
* src/hunspell/{affentry.cxx,atypes.hxx}: remove [PREFIX] and
MISSING_DESCRIPTION messages from morphological analysis.
Problems reported by Trón Viktor.
* tests/germancompounding.{aff,good}: Add "Computer-Arbeit" test word.
Suggested by Daniel Naber.
* doc/man/hunspell.4: Proof-reading patch by Goldman Eleonóra.
* doc/man/hunspell.4: Fix bad affix example (replace `move' with `work').
Bug reported by Frederik Fouvry.
* tests/*: new test files:
affixes.*: simple affix compression example from Hunspell 4 manual page
checkcompoundcase.*, checkcompoundcase2.*, checkcompoundcaseutf.*
compound.*, compound2.*, compound3.*, compound4.*, compound5.*
compoundflag.* (former compound.*)
flagutf8.*: test for FLAG UTF-8
germancompounding.*: simplification with CHECKCOMPOUNDCASE.
germancompoundingold.* (former germancompounding.*)
i53643.*: check numbers with separators
i54980.*: ISO8859-15 test
keepcase.*: test for KEEPCASE
needaffix*.* (former pseudoroot*.* tests)
nosuggest.*: test for NOSUGGEST
2005-09-19 Németh László <>:
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx: improved ngram suggestion:
- detect not neighboring swap characters (pernament -> permanent)
Rationale: ngram method has a significant error with not neighboring
swap characters, especially when swap is in the middle of the word.
- suggest uppercase forms (unesco -> UNESCO, siggraph's -> SIGGRAPH's)
- suggest only ngram swap character and uppercase form, if they exist.
Rationale: swap character and casing equivalence give mutch better
suggestions as any other (weighted) ngram suggestions.
- add uppercase suggestion (PERMENANT -> PERMANENT)
* src/hunspell/*: complete comparison with MySpell 3.2 (in OOo beta 2):
- affixmgr.cxx: add missing numrep initialization
- hashmgr.cxx: add_word(): don't allocate temporary records
- hunspell.cxx: in suggest():
- check capitalized words first (better sug. order for proper names),
- check pSMgr->suggest() return value
- set pSMgr->suggest() call to not optional in HUHCAP
- csutil.cxx: fix bad KOI8-U -> koi8r_tbl reference in enc_entry encds
- csutil.cxx: fix casing data in ISO 8859-2, Windows 1251 and KOI8-U
encoding tables. Bug reported by Dmitri Gabinski.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: improved compound word and other features
- generalize hu_HU specific compound word features with new affix file
parameters, suggested by Bram Moolenaar:
- CHECKCOMPOUNDDUP: forbid word duplication in compounds (eg. foo|foo)
- CHECKCOMPOUNDTRIPLE: forbid triple letters in compounds (eg. foo|obar)
- CHECKCOMPOUNDPATTERN: forbid patterns at word bounds in compounds
- CHECKCOMPOUNDREP: using REP replacement table, forbid presumably bad
compounds (useful for languages with unlimited number of compounds)
- ONLYINCOMPOUND flag works also with words (see tests/onlyincompound.*)
Suggested by Daniel Naber, Björn Jacke, Trón Viktor & Bram Moolenaar.
- PSEUDOROOT works also with prefixes and prefix + suffix combinations
(see tests/pseudoroot5.*). Suggested by Trón Viktor.
- man/hunspell.4: updated man page
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: fix incomplete prefix handling with twofold
suffixes (delete unnecessary contclasses[] conditions in
prefix_check_twosfx() and prefix_check_twosfx_morph()).
Bug reported by Trón Viktor.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: complete also *_morph() functions with
conditions of new Hunspell features (circumfix, pseudoroot etc.).
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx:
- fix missing suggestions for words with crossed prefix and suffix
- fix redundant non-compound word checking
- fix losing suggestions problem. Bug reported by Dmitri Gabinski.
* src/hunspell/dictmgr.*:
- add new dictionary manager for Hunspell UNO modul
Problems with eo_ANY Esperanto locale reported by Dmitri Gabinski.
* src/hunspell/*: use precise constant sizes for 8-bit and 16-bit character
arrays with MAXWORDUTF8LEN and MAXSWUTF8L macros.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: fix bad MAXNGRAMSUGS parameter handling
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx, src/tools/{un}munch.*: fix GCC 4.0 warnings
on fgets(), reported by Dvornik László
* po/hu.po: improved translation by Dvornik László
* tests/ improved test environment
- add suggestion testing (see tests/*.sug)
- add memory debugging environment, based on the excellent Valgrind debugger.
Usage on Linux and experimental platforms of Valgrind:
VALGRIND=memcheck make check
- rename test_hunmorph to
* tests/*: new tests:
- base.*: base example based on MySpell's checkme.lst.
- map{,utf}.*, rep{,utf}: MAP and REP suggestion examples
- i54633.*: capitalized suggestion test for Issue 54633 from OOo's Issuezilla
- i35725.*: improved ngram suggestion test for Issue 35725
2005-08-26 Németh László <>:
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx:
Unicode support in related character map suggestion
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.cxx: Unicode support in ngram suggestion
* src/hunspell/{suggestmgr,affixmgr,hunspell}.cxx: improve ngram suggestion.
Fix See release
notes for examples. This problem reported by beccablain at OOo.
- ngram suggestions now are case insensitive (see `Permenant' bug in Issuezilla)
- weight ngram suggestions (with the longest common subsequent algorithm,
also considering lengths of bad word and suggestion, identical first
letters and almost completely identical character positions)
- set strict affix congruency in expand_rootword(). Now ngram suggestions
are good for languages with rich morphology and also better for English.
Rationale: affixed forms of the first ngram suggestion
very often suppress the second and subsequent root word suggestions. But
faults in affixes are more uncommon, and can be fix without suggestions.
We must prefer the more informative second and subsequent root word
suggestions instead of the suggestions for bad affixes.
- a better suggestion may not be substring of a less good suggestion
Rationale: Suggesting affixed forms of a root word is
unnecessary, when root word has got better weighted ngram value.
(Checking substrings is a good approximation for this refinement.)
- lesser ngram suggestions (default 3 maximum instead of 10)
Rationale: For users need a big extra effort to check a lot of bad ngram
suggestions, nine times out of ten unnecessarily. It is very
distracting, because ngram suggestions could be very different.
Usually Myspell and Hunspell suggest one or two suggestions with
the old suggestion algorithms (maximum is 15), with ngram algorithm
often gives maximum number suggestions. With strict affix congruency
and other refinements, the good suggestion there is usually among the
first three elements.
- new affix parameter: MAXNGRAMSUG
* src/hunspell/*: support agglutinative languages with rich prefix
morphology or with right-to-left writing system (for example, Turkic
and Austronesian languages with (modified) Arabic scripts).
- new affix parameter: COMPLEXPREFIXES
Set twofold prefix stripping (but single suffix stripping)
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx:
- speed up prefix loading with tree sorting algorithm.
* tests/complexprefixes.*, tests/complexprefixesutf.*:
Coptic example posted by Moheb Mekhaiel
* src/hunspell/hashmgr.cxx: check size attribute in dic file
suggested by Daniel Naber
Rationale: With missing size attribute Hunspell allocates too small and
more slower hash memory, and Hunspell can lose first dictionary word.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: check stripping characters and condition
compatibility in affix rules (bugs detected in cs_CZ, es_ES, es_NEW,
es_MX, lt_LT, nn_NO, pt_PT, ro_RO and sk_SK dictionaries). See release
notes of Hunspell 1.0.9 in NEWS.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: check unnecessary fields in affix rules
(bugs detected in ro_RO and sv_SE dictionaries). See release notes.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: remove redundant condition checking
in affix rules with stripping characters (redundancy in
dictionaries reported by Eleonóra Goldman)
Rationale: this is a little optimization, but it was excellent for
detect the bad ngram affixation with bad or weak affix conditions.
* tests/germancompounding.aff: improve compound definition
- use dash prefix instead of language specific tokenizer
Rationale: Using uniform approach is the right way to check and analyze
compound words. Language specific word breaking is deprecated, need
a sophisticated grammar checking for word-like word pairs
(for example in Hungarian there is a substandard, but accepted
syntax with dash for word pairs: cats, dogs -> kutyák-macskák (like
cats/dogs in English).
* test Hunspell with 54 dictionaries: see release notes
bug fixes:
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.*: add time limit to exponential
algorithm of the related character map suggestion
Rationale: a long word in agglutinative languages or a special pattern
(for example a horizontal rule) made of map characters can `crash' the
spell checker.
* src/hunspell/affentry.cxx: add() functions: fix bad word generation
checking stripping characters (see similar bug in unmunch)
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.cxx: parse_file(): fix unconditional getNext()
call for ~AffixMgr() when affix file is corrupt.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: AffixMgr(), parse_cpdsyllable(): fix missing
string duplications for ~AffixMgr() when affix file is corrupt.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: parse_affix(): fix fprintf() call when affix
file is corrupt. Bug reported by Daniel Naber.
* suggestmgr.cxx: replace single usage of 'strdup' with 'mystrdup'
patch by Chris Halls (
* src/hunspell/ add for compiling in
See README in Hunspell UNO modul.
Problems with separated compiling reported by Rene Engelhard
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: fix pseudoroot support
- search a not pseudoroot homonym in check()
* tests/pseudoroot4.*: test this fix
* src/tools/unmunch.c: fix bad word generation when conditions
are shorter or incompatible with stripping characters in affix rules
* src/tools/unmunch.c: fix mychomp() for de_AT.dic and other dic files
without last new line character.
other changes:
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.*: erase ACCENT suggestion
Rationale: ACCENT suggestion was the same as Kevin Hendrick's map
suggestion algorithm, but with a less good interface in affix file.
* src/hunspell/suggestmgr.*: combine cycle number limit
in badchar(), and forgotchar() with a time limit.
* src/hunspell/affixmgr.*: remove NOMAPSUGS affix parameter
* src/hunspell/{suggestmgr,hunspell}.*: strip periods from
suggestions (restore MySpell's original behaviour)
Rationale: has an automatic period handling mechanism
and suggestions look better without periods.
- new affix file parameter: SUGSWITHDOTS
Add period(s) to suggestions, if input word terminates in period(s).
(No need for dictionaries.)
* tests/germancompounding.aff: improve bad german affix in affix example
(computeren->computern). Suggested by Daniel Naber.
* src/tools/example.cxx: add Myspell's example
* src/tools/munch.cxx: add Myspell's munch
* man{,/hu}/hunspell.4: refresh manual pages
2005-08-01 Németh László <>:
* add missing MySpell files and features:
- add MySpell license.readme, README and CONTRIBUTORS ({license,README,AUTHORS}.myspell)
- add MySpell unmunch program (src/tools/unmunch.c)
- add licenses to source (src/hunspell/license.{myspell,hunspell})
- port MAP suggestion (with imperfect UTF-8 support)
- add NOSPLITSUGS affix parameter
- add NOMAPSUGS affix parameter
* src/hunspell/aff{entry,ixmgr}.cxx:
- improve compound word support
- new affix parameter: COMPOUNDPERMITFLAG (see manual)
* src/tests/compoundaffix{,2}.*: examples for COMPOUNDPERMITFLAG
* src/tests/germancompounding.*: new solution for German compounding
Problems with German compounding reported by Daniel Naber
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: fix German uppercase word spelling
with the spellsharps() recursive algorithm.
Default recursive depth is 5 (MAXSHARPS).
* src/tests/germansharps*: extended German sharp s tests
* src/tools/hunspell.cxx: fix fatal memory bug in non-interactive
subshells without HOME environmental variable
Bug detected with PHP by András Izsók.
2005-07-22 Németh László <>:
* src/hunspell/csutil.hxx: utf16_u8()
- fix 3-byte UTF-8 character conversion
2005-07-21 Németh László <>:
* src/hunspell/csutil.hxx: hunspell_version() for OOo UNO modul
2005-07-19 Németh László <>:
* renaming:
- src/morphbase -> src/hunspell
- src/hunspell, src/hunmorph -> src/tools
- src/huntokens -> src/parsers
* src/tools/hunstem.cxx: add stemmer example
2005-07-18 Németh László <>:
* --with-ui, --with-readline configure options
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: fix conditional compiling
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: set HunSPELL.bak temporaly file
in the same dictionary with the checked file.
* src/morphbase/morphbase.cxx:
- handling German sharp s (ß)
- fix (temporaly) analyize()
* tests: a lot of new tests
* po/, intl/, m4/: add gettext from GNU hello
* po/hu.po: add Hungarian translation
* doc/, man/: rename doc to man
2005-07-04 Németh László <>:
* src/morphbase/hashmgr.cxx: set FLAG attributum instead of FLAG_NUM and FLAG_LONG
* doc/hunspell.4: manual in English
2005-06-30 Németh László <>:
* src/morphbase/csutil.cxx: add character tables from csutil.cxx of OOo 1.1.4
* src/morphbase/affentry.cxx: fix Unicode condition checking
* tests/{,utf}compound.*: tests compounding
2005-06-27 Németh László <>:
* src/morphbase/*: fix Unicode compound handling
2005-06-23 Halácsy Péter:
* src/hunmorph/hunmorph.cxx: delete spelling error message and suggest_auto() call
2005-06-21 Németh László <>:
* src/morphbase: Unicode support
* tests/utf8.*: SET UTF-8 test
* src/morphbase: checking and fixing with Valgrind
Memory handling error reported by Ferenc Szidarovszky
2005-05-26 Németh László <>:
* suggestmgr.cxx: fix stemming
* AUTHORS, COPYING, ChangeLog: set CC-LGPL free software license
2004-05-25 Varga Dániel <>
* src/stemtool: new subproject
2005-05-25 Halácsy Péter <>
* AUTHORS, COPYING: set CC Attribution license
2004-05-23 Varga Dániel <>
* src: - modifications for compiling with Visual C++
* src/hunmorph/csutil.cxx: correcting header of flag_qsort(),
* src/hunmorph/*: correct csutil include
2005-05-19 Németh László <>
* csutil.cxx: fix loop condition in lineuniq()
bug reported by Viktor Nagy (nagyv nyelvtud hu).
* morphbase.cxx: handle PSEUDOROOT with zero affixes
bug reported by Viktor Nagy (nagyv nyelvtud hu).
* tests/zeroaffix.*: add zeroaffix tests
2005-04-09 Németh László <>
* reset with autoheader
* src/hunspell/hunspell.cxx: set version
2005-04-06 Németh László <>
* tests: tests
* src/morphbase:
New optional parameters in affix file:
- PSEUDOROOT: for forbidding root with not forbidden suffixed forms.
- COMPOUNDWORDMAX: max. words in compounds (default is no limit)
- COMPOUNDROOT: signs compounds in dictionary for handling special compound rules
2005-03-21 Németh László <>
* src/morphbase/*:
- 2-byte flags, FLAG_NUM, FLAG_LONG
- CIRCUMFIX: signed suffixes and prefixes can only occur together
- ONLYINCOMPOUND for fogemorpheme (Swedish, Danish) or Flute-elements (German)
- COMPOUNDBEGIN: allow signed roots, and roots with signed suffix in begin of compounds
- COMPOUNDMIDDLE: like before, but middle of compounds
- COMPOUNDEND: like before, but end of compounds