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sort lines of Hungarian text files using Hunspell morphological analysis with Magyar Ispell 1.7 language data, fixing known problems of collate algorithms of glibc and ICU/Unicode CLDR
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About Zsort

Zsort is a gAWK sort script for Hungarian texts, also a demonstration of morphological analysis by Hunspell.

$ echo -e 'pacsi\npácsó' | zsort


Hungarian digraphs cs, dz, gy, ly, ny, sz, ty, and zs, also trigraph dzs, moreover their simplified double forms ccs, ddz, ggy, lly, nny, ssz, tty, zzs and ddzs result frequent ambiguity in Hungarian word collating, sorting and hyphenation. Recent collate algorithms of glibc locale and ICU/Unicode CLDR cannot handle this ambiguity, resulting bad Hungarian collation and sorting.

Zsort is a free command-line replacement of the web tool akhsort (that was developed by Research Institute for Linguistics of Hungarian Academy of Sciences). Unlike akhsort, Zsort works with compound words and titles correctly, and it has no limitations (for example, it can sort millions of words within a few minutes) and known dictionary bugs (like bad sorting of másszor in akhsort).


Zsort needs not only Hunspell, but a recent Hungarian Hunspell dictionary, too. That will be available in LibreOffice repository:

wget -O hu_HU.aff
wget -O hu_HU.dic
sudo cp hu_HU.aff hu_HU.dic /usr/share/hunspell


Zsort waits its data from the standard input, and it prints the sorted lines in the standard output:

cat text | zsort

Unit testing

Check hunspell and its Hungarian dictionary (Magyar Ispell 1.7 or newer):

zsort -v check=1


See it in the command-line script.

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