Reads a rubik's cube's color data and interprets at musical data. The move solved the cube is, the more harmonious it plays back.
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Rubik's Cube Player

Rubik's Cube Player

What is the Rubik's Cube Player?

The Rubik's Cube Player is a python script written for the Drexel Music Hackathon that took place at the ExCITe Center from 1/28/17-1/29/17. It converts a face of a 3x3 Rubik's Cube into waveform data that is played over a speaker system by taking a picture of it with a webcam. The more solved a face is, the more harmonious it is designed to sound.

How to Run

The Rubik's Cube Player is run simply by calling:

> python3

within the project folder.


This project was created as a part of the Drexel Music Hackathon with a goal of combining music and technology together. It was created in a less than 24 hour window.


The Rubik's Cube Player is built on top of a couple technologies.

Pillow is used for image processing:

> pip3 install Pillow

PyAudio is used to play Waveform:

> sudo apt-get install python3-pyaudio

fswebcam and motion were used to preview the webcamera stream and to take quick pictures of the cube to be processed:

> sudo apt-get install fswebcam
> sudo apt-get install motion

To set up motion to work correctly, implement the follow tutorial:


Hunter Heidenreich (me)

Emmanuel Espino (

Jason Zogheb (