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That's it!
Building instructions
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To learn the details of what each target does, read the build.xml file. It is
quite understandable.
+Bug Reports
+Bug reports go to the jdom-interest list at But *BEFORE YOU POST*
+make sure you've tested against the LATEST code available from CVS (or the
+daily snapshot). Odds are good your bug has already been fixed. If it hasn't
+been fixed in the latest version, then when posting *BE SURE TO SAY* which
+code version you tested against. For example, "CVS from October 3rd". Also
+be sure to include enough information to reproduce the bug and full exception
+stack traces. You might also want to read the FAQ at to find
+out if your problem is not really a bug and just a common misunderstanding
+about how XML or JDOM works.

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