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RFE: Create an HTMLOutputter #10

hunterhacker opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Idea: Create an HTMLOutputter to handle the HTML specific aspects (closing tags, escaped characters like é, etc).


Is there any way to provide some sort of example input/output for what this outputter should look like? I presume there is a specific use-case this would solve....

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Hit wrong button....


Isn't this what XSL Transforms are for? Re-inventing that would be challenging.

This request is too ill-defined to make sense. HTML is not even XML... xhtml is, but adding xhtml-specific logic would create additional problems.

I cannot conceive of what the 'HTMLOutputter' would do any differently to the XMLOutputter.

If someone comes up with a better way to describe the problem and a conceptual 'fix' then this can be reopened.

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