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Upgrade jaxen to 1.1.4 in jdom 1.1.x #103

aheritier opened this Issue Dec 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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jaxen 1.1.3 artifacts deployed in maven central has some wrong dependencies defined in its pom (some maven-plugins - cobertura, findbugs - with an erroneous type "plugin"). Because of that using jdom 1.1.3 by default with maven doesn't work. Either you could provide in central a 1.1.4 with an exclusion of these wrong dependencies or upgrade your jaxen version, the 1.1.4 fixed the issue.
This is the current fix that a maven user is required to do to use jdom 1.1.3.


rolfl commented Dec 20, 2012

Hi Arnaud

There are currently no bugs open against 1.1.x versions of JDOM. I understand that this is a usability problem, but I am not inclined to create a whole new version of JDOM unless there is an issue with the actual JDOM code.

I will leave this issue open, and if/when an 1.1.x issue is identified (and a migration path to 2.x is not an option), then this (or whatever appropriate) fix can be applied.



Hi Rolf,

I agree. The goal of my issue was at least to have it referenced here if someone else meet the problem.


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