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Serialization is inconsistent and incomplete. #47

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THe serialization of all classes in JDOM needs to be audited and corrected, as well as tested.

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@rolfl rolfl Fixes #47 - inconsistent serialization.
The major issue was the XPath serialization which was broken (still is but is now deprecated). That left nothing really to fix, so instead put in tests which put all the core JDOM types through the serialization wringer.
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serializing Element.getChildren() causes there to be new instances of Child Elements that use the current Element as the Parent node, but the current Parent only points to the pre-serialization child nodes as content....

i.e. the newly 'cloned' Child Elements should be detached, but they are not.

@rolfl rolfl referenced this issue from a commit
@rolfl rolfl Issue #47 - Serialization audit
Use SerialVersionUID 200L (version 2.0.0).
Rework core serialization:
 - all Content is 'detached' now after serialization (but Element and Document re-attache where required on deserialization).
 - Namespace is now serializable
Remove the 'new' JDOMRuntimeException, replace it with core Java Illegal*Exceptions.
Add serialization tests to Filter classes. Filters are still serializable, not sure why that is needed.
Fiox up some code coverage tests.... including complicated 'Bridge Methods' for co-variant return-type bridge methods.
@rolfl rolfl closed this issue from a commit
@rolfl rolfl Fixes #47 - serialization.
Also Fix FindBugs issues - some serialization warnings corrected.
@rolfl rolfl closed this in 7307ae5
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