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setAttribute(String,String,Namespace) - NPE with null Namespace #71

rolfl opened this Issue · 0 comments

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This is inconsistent with other nul-namespace operations, which mostly tend to treat the null Namespace as Namespace.NO_NAMESPACE. From Gisella:

I just upgraded from jdom 1.0 to jdom 1.1.3

and I was setting an attribute where the namespace was NULL.

The old code was different, it was NOT calling get(…), so it was setting the namespace to
namespace.NO_NAMESPACE when the namespace was NULL, before calling this get(…)

but the new code, when it calls getAttribute(name, ns) (first line of method described)
is getting a null pointer on the namespace.

Probably the namespace needs to be set to NO_NAMESPACE before calling get(..) when it is NULL.

@rolfl rolfl closed this in 587efe4
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