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Add easy JAXP-with-custom-factory XMLReaderFactory class #89

rolfl opened this Issue August 21, 2012 · 0 comments

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JDOM 2.x exposes a number of 'simple' XMLReaderFactory implementations for use with SAXBuilder, but it is missing one to use a specified/custom JAXP factory. In other words, it has one for but not for:,%20java.lang.ClassLoader%29

A new XMLReaderFactory implementation should be created that uses the missing method (similar to the way we already have XMLReaderSAX2Factory)

See discussion here:

Rolf rolfl closed this issue from a commit August 26, 2012
Rolf Fixes #89 - Add specific JAXP-factory mechanisms to JAXP-based pillar…
…s for SAX parsing.

Also update the sax-based parsing descriptions/documentation.
Rolf rolfl closed this in 2dfdd9b August 26, 2012
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