CVS to Git

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Process for migrating JDOM from CVS to GitHub

Make a temporary working folder.

mkdir movejdom
cd movejdom

Set up CVS access

setenv CVSROOT
cvs login  (and log in).

Get the CVS repo in to git format.

git cvsimport jdom -C core
git cvsimport jdom-test -C test
git cvsimport jdom-contrib -C contrib

Then stitch the three repositories in to one repo:

Download and install the git-stitch-repo from (

Make the target git repository:

mkdir jdom.git
cd jdom.git
git init
git-stitch-repo ../core:core ../test:test ../contrib:contrib | git fast-import

Push the repository to GitHub

git remote rm origin
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master