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Double Naught

"Pebble is dead... Long live Pebble!"

With the Great FitBit Buyout of 2016 finally laying Pebble to rest, and most developer resources pointing to dead links, there's simply no worse time to get into Pebble development.

...but let's make something anyway.

Right Into the Future

It's easy to let your day slip away from you.

Double Naught aims to remind you of the constant passage of time by breaking your day into one hundred 864 second (14.4 minute)-long chunks, and notifies you with a vibrational pulse to the wrist each time 1% of your day has elapsed.

Time Well Spent..?

A minute is fleeting.

An hour can really drag on.

But one cD (centi-Day) has a real weight to it without overstaying its welcome.

Double Naught doesn't have an "activity monitor" to track whether or not you spent your day "well", but each time your wrist pulses, take a brief moment to reflect on how you spent the previous 1% of your day, and how you plan to spend the next one.




"""How we spend our days is, ultimately, how we spend our lives." - Annie Dillard" - Light Phone 2 Commercial" - Hunter Irving


Pebble watchface to increase mindfulness and productivity through self-reflection



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