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Irving's Computer Repair and Anti-Virus

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you, at some point or another, became your extended family's COMPUTER PERSON.

It's not a responsibility any among us asked for, but now, when you visit home for Christmas, you're greeted by a stack of wheezing netbooks, filled to the brim with viruses you thought were long-extinct.

"No, no, leave it... I have it how I like it!"

If only there were a software solution that would allow them to diagnose and repair their computer problems on their own...

Introducting... Irving's Computer Repair and Anti-Virus

24/7 Access to the World's Largest repository of Questions and Answers regarding Computer Maintenence and Repair.

And, at a price I can afford!

(it's free)

With All Sincerety...

Although I did burn this HTML file to a disk and write "Computer Repair" on it in sharpie, I figured it would have been too mean-spirited to actually distribute it to any of my direct family members.

That being said, I do have a lot of blank CDs... :^)

Try Before U Buy

You can launch Irving's Computer Repair and Anti-Virus directly from your web-browser using this link.


So your family found out you know about Computers...



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