The Nintendo Game and Watch Game; Recreated for Android Tablets
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A Game of Skill for Two Players

After reading a biography of Gunpei Yokoi's life and impact on Nintendo as a company, I was inspired to recreate my favorite Game and Watch game as an Android app.

How To Play

Both players hold the tablet with one hand each.

Tap any button to start, and both characters will begin a windup animation.

When the windup animation has concluded, each player is randomly assigned a number between 1 and 9 (inclusive). If your number is higher than your opponent's, strike them with your mallet.

If your number is lower than your opponent's, dodge before they can attack.

If your number is equal to your opponent's, the first player to strike takes the point for that round (erroneously dodging will give the point to your opponent).

Development Cycle

As it was a half-summer length semester, time was crunched to the max. I made the graphics in Inkscape on a Saturday, and wrote all the code in a single Sunday (it shows). I remember hard-coding certain elements to fit the dimensions of the Nexus 7 tablet I was testing on, so I think it's likely that this app will run on your Android tablet, but crash on your Android phone.

Final Thoughts

Judge is a game of quick wits and fast reflexes that can really test a player's skill.

When I unveiled the app as my final project, I (foolishly) offered to buy a drink for any of my classmates who could best me in a "first to ten" match.

Even though I created it from scratch, it turns out I'm just not very good at the game. I bought many, many drinks that night...

Download a compiled APK here