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Because TwitchPlaysPokemon is so 2014...

TwitchPlaysPokemon is fun and all, but what if you want to play something else?

Here's a neat little TwitchPlaysPokemon-alike, built with modularity in mind.


Grab an oauth token from and drop it in along with your user and channel names, then run

You'll be prompted to choose a configuration file - I've provided one for use with GameBoy games and one for playing the (most excellent) puzzle game FEZ.

On to the Next One

Maybe you want to play something other than FEZ and Kirby's Dream Land.

I hear ya, loud and clear.

You can use to churn out new configuration files for any game under the sun.

Thoughts on Variability in Viabilty of Crowd-Sourced Video Game Interaction by way of Internet Relay Chat

One of the big reasons TwitchPlaysPokemon worked as well as it did was Pokemon Red's low penalty for failure.

In what could be described as a "One step forward, two steps back sideways" situation, even the chaotic nature of a noisy Twitch chat would eventually beat the game given enough time.

Other games, like Super Mario Bros. (Super Mario Bros. Deluxe shown here), have a much higher penalty for failure.

As such, these kind of games might require some.. "divine intervention" to be made viable for TwitchPlays-style interaction.

Who said cheaters never prosper??

(Note: all gameplay captured on real hardware (GameBoy Player) using custom controller to serial adapter. This project does not support or condone piracy.)