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hunterlang commented Apr 14, 2012

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hunterlang and others added some commits Aug 2, 2011

@hunterlang hunterlang cleaned up html to save space b370c3e
@aroman aroman just pushing 0557913
@aroman aroman Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hunterlang/snippet.io f4fa27c
@hunterlang hunterlang push so avi can cast spells 9ebb7c2
@aroman aroman Fixed upload button not reseting 5340d47
@hunterlang hunterlang made minor UI changes, fixed language recognition error 93d4c8b
@hunterlang hunterlang fleshed out functionality for viewing forks db1474c
@hunterlang hunterlang updated ui; fixed weird indentation issues 2ff3dc1
@hunterlang hunterlang asdf da3f745
@hunterlang hunterlang fixed the damn footer - again d7fd633
@hunterlang hunterlang added readme 3e240cd
@hunterlang hunterlang updated readme 6c87ace
@hunterlang hunterlang more readme updates 3505824
@hunterlang hunterlang i'm really bad with markdown 8d5e342
@hunterlang hunterlang asdf f89bbaf
@hunterlang hunterlang asdf 4d87f2e
@hunterlang hunterlang asdf 1f71175
@hunterlang hunterlang sorry for the random commits, I'm bad at markdown 758e28a
@hunterlang hunterlang adsf fbe4397
@hunterlang hunterlang finished readme 5530910
@hunterlang hunterlang fixed errors ac34ddf
@hunterlang hunterlang finally done readme 889ba8c
@hunterlang hunterlang updated install directions a25a58d
@hunterlang hunterlang fixed error in link 74f2737
@hunterlang hunterlang added live code editing support (kinda) fc6a1cb
@hunterlang hunterlang added infrastructure diagram to readme f4dc26d
@hunterlang hunterlang added side-by-side comparison bdeb162
@hunterlang hunterlang updated readme to reflect new features. 92f7a14
@hunterlang hunterlang fixed code-recognition error in readme c3295e2
@hunterlang hunterlang fixed yet another readme error a71ca8f
@hunterlang hunterlang updated readme to sound less confident about our mediocre design skills e48f13a
@hunterlang hunterlang i keep finding more things wrong with the readme e39fb8c
@hunterlang hunterlang got rid of the install section d9f0748
@hunterlang hunterlang left out a feature in the readme - again. 990874b
@hunterlang hunterlang carried over changes to master branch b7ac266
@hunterlang hunterlang Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/hunterlang/snippet.io 8b1b785

hunterlang closed this Apr 14, 2012

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