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do (Backbone) ->
# Reference the old Collection.prototype
proto = Backbone.Collection::
# Methods that should trigger re-evaluation of virtuals
writes = 'add remove reset change create sort'
# Methods that indicate this collection is a virtual's dependency
backboneReads = ['get', 'getByCid', 'where', 'pluck', 'clone', 'at', 'toJSON']
underscoreReads = ['forEach', 'each', 'map', 'reduce', 'reduceRight', 'find',
'detect', 'filter', 'select', 'reject', 'every', 'all', 'some', 'any',
'include', 'contains', 'invoke', 'max', 'min', 'sortBy', 'sortedIndex',
'toArray', 'size', 'first', 'initial', 'rest', 'last', 'without', 'indexOf',
'shuffle', 'lastIndexOf', 'isEmpty', 'groupBy']
class Backbone.ViewCollection extends Backbone.Collection
list: ->
Backbone.Virtual.track(this, writes)
return @models
Backbone.Collection::model = Backbone.Model
extendCollection = (name) ->
Backbone.ViewCollection::[name] = ->
Backbone.Virtual.track(this, writes)
return proto[name].apply(this, arguments)
# Intercept and track all read operations
extendCollection(fn) for fn in backboneReads.concat(underscoreReads)
# Alias ViewCollection to Collection
Backbone.Collection = Backbone.ViewCollection