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Try it out on !
Effects implemented:
0xy: Arpeggio
1xx: Pitch slide up (portamento)
2xx: Pitch slide down
3xx: Portamento to note [slightly buggy]
5xy: Portamento to note with volume slide [untested]
9xx: Sample offset
Axy: Volume slide
Bxx: Jump to order
Cxx: Set note volume
Dxx: Pattern break
Fxx: Set BPM
Exy Subcommands:
E1x Fine portamento up
E2x Fine portamento down
E5x Set note fine-tune [untested]
E6x Pattern loop
E9x Re-trigger note
EAx Fine volume slide up
EBx Fine volume slide down
ECx Note cut
EDx Note delay
EEx Pattern delay
In progress:
4xy Vibrato
6xy Vibrato with volume slide
7xy Tremolo
8xx Set note panning position
Exy Subcommands:
E8x Set note panning position
Not implemented:
Exy Subcommands:
E0x Amiga LED Filter toggle
E3x Glissando control
E4x Vibrato control
E7x Tremolo control
EFx Funk it!
- Implement additional effects. Try to pass the Ode to Protracker test :)
- Wean off dynamicaudio.js (eventually)