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Fiat Contract
Testnet | Mainnet | Implement

Fiat Contract Build Status

Retrieve Ethereum market price by referencing this smart contract! Finally a way for smart contracts to get how much $1.00 is in ETH. By referencing this contracts you can even automatically convert other ERC20's market prices and convert it back into ETH.

This contract doesn't need any calls, all you need to do is reference it and start converting ETH to multiple crypto's. All return values are measure in Ethereum's WEI amount, the lowest possible value. You can convert USD, EUR, and even GBP.

price = FiatContract(0x8055d0504666e2B6942BeB8D6014c964658Ca591) // MAINNET ADDRESS
price = FiatContract(0x2CDe56E5c8235D6360CCbb0c57Ce248Ca9C80909) // TESTNET ADDRESS (ROPSTEN)

Market Price Update Rate

  • MAINNET - Every 1 hour (website has a counter for amount of days contract can run based on donations!)
  • TESTNET - Every 15 minutes

Donating to the contract will help support the gas used for updating the exchange prices.

Send ETH to address 0x2138FfE292fd0953f7fe2569111246E4DE9ff1DC with data: 0xed88c68e gas limit: 50000. You can also send ETH or any other ERC20 directly to the contract address. Thank you for donating!

Market Rate inside Smart Contract

This contract holds multiple market rates for multiple cryptocurrencies, the contract automatically converts back into ETH value.

Simple to Use Methods

uint256 coin = price.ETH(0);    // returns ETH value for 1 ETH. Always 1.
uint256 cent = price.USD(0);    // returns $0.01 worth of ETH in USD.
uint256 cent = price.EUR(0);    // returns $0.01 worth of ETH in Euro.
uint256 cent = price.GBP(0);    // returns $0.01 worth of ETH in British Pound.

Implement in your Contract

First you must include the Pricing Contract on the top of your contract.

contract MarketPrice {
    function ETH(uint _id) constant returns (uint256);
    function USD(uint _id) constant returns (uint256);
    function EUR(uint _id) constant returns (uint256);
    function GBP(uint _id) constant returns (uint256);
    function updatedAt(uint _id) constant returns (uint);

MarketPrice public price;

function Example() {
  //price = MarketPrice(0x2138FfE292fd0953f7fe2569111246E4DE9ff1DC) // MAINNET ADDRESS
  price = MarketPrice(0x97d63Fe27cA359422C10b25206346B9e24A676Ca) // TESTNET ADDRESS

Here's an example of getting $5.00 USD worth of ETH valued as USD.

// $0.01 * 500 = $5.00
function FiveUSDinETH() constant returns (uint256) {
    uint256 cents = price.USD(0);
    return cents * 500;

Get Market Price Changed Block

uint updatedBlock = price.updatedAt(0); // 4,109,482

if (block.number - updatedBlock > 100) {
  // the price hasn't been updated in 100 blocks.

Once you have the value of $5.00 worth of OMG in ETH, you can have a function to require the exact amount of ETH that is worth $5.00 of OMG.

function TradeOMG() constant returns (uint256) {
    require(msg.value == FiveUSDtoOMG());
    // Awesome! The sender sent $5.00 worth of OMG based in ETH value (OMG/ETH)

Supported Cryptos

  • ETH - price.ETH(0);
  • more too come very very soon

Market Price Update Rate

Updating the contract requires the wallet to pay the Gas for the transaction.

Donatation Based Update Timeline

This contract can accept donatation, the updater address can update market rates at a higher frequency if there was more community support.

Times a Day Supported Coins Supported Fiat Each Cost Daily Cost Monthly Total
1 5 3 63,000 315,000 9,450,000
24 5 3 63,000 1,512,000 45,300,000
48 5 3 63,000 3,024,000 90,720,000

More Examples

Some examples are not yet implemented on the current version.

uint256 weiAmount = (price.USD(0) * 450)       // $4.50 worth of ETH

uint256 weiAmount = (price.USD(9) * 723)       // $7.23 worth of STORJ

uint256 weiAmount = (price.USD(5) * 5793)      // $57.93 worth of LITECOIN

uint256 weiAmount = (price.USD(1) * 100000)    // $1,000 worth of BTC

uint256 weiAmount = (price.USD(0) * 10000)     // $1000 worth of ETH

uint256 weiAmount = (price.EUR(12) * 10000)    // 1000 EURO's worth of OMG


  Contract: MarketPrice
    ✓ should insert new ETH price (48ms)
    ✓ should insert new OMG price (38ms)
    ✓ should insert new STORJ price
    ✓ should get 0.01 USD worth of ETH
    ✓ should get 0.01 EURO worth of ETH
    ✓ should get 0.01 GBP worth of ETH
    ✓ should get 0.01 USD worth of OMG
    ✓ should get $105.75 USD worth of ETH
    ✓ should get 1.00 EURO worth of STORJ
    ✓ should get $100.00 USD worth of OMG
    ✓ should change Creator address (41ms)
    ✓ should change Sender address (47ms)
    ✓ should delete STORJ token from database (43ms)
    ✓ should donate to contract
    ✓ should request to update price
    ✓ should be MarketPrice contract address
    ✓ should test $5.00 worth of ETH

  17 passing (596ms)


Enables ethereum smart contracts to get how much $0.01 is in ETH. Implement in your own smart contract with ease.







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