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// Package statping is a server monitoring application that includs a status page server. Visit the Statping repo at
// to get a full understanding of what this application can do.
// Install Statping
// Statping is available for Mac, Linux and Windows 64x. You can download the tar.gz file or use a couple other methods. Download
// the latest release at or view below. If you're on windows, download
// the zip file from the latest releases link.
// // MacOS using homebrew
// brew tap hunterlong/statping
// brew install statping
// // Linux installation
// bash <(curl -s
// statping version
// Docker
// Statping can be built in many way, the best way is to use Docker!
// docker run -it -p 8080:8080 hunterlong/statping
// Enjoy Statping and tell me any issues you might be having on Github.
package statping
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