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Statping - Status Page

An easy to use Status Page for your websites and applications. Statping will automatically fetch the application and render a beautiful status page with tons of features for you to build an even better status page.

A Future-Proof Status Page

Statping strives to remain future-proof and remain intact if a failure is created. Your Statping service should not be running on the same instance you're trying to monitor. If your server crashes your Status Page should still remaining online to notify your users of downtime.

Lightweight and Fast

Statping is a very lightweight application and is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The Docker image is only ~16Mb so you know that this application won't be filling up your hard drive space. The Status binary for all other OS's is ~17Mb at most.

3 Different Databases

This Status Page generator allows you to use MySQL, Postgres, or SQLite.

No Requirements

Statping is built in Go Language so all you need is the precompile binary based on your operating system. You won't need to install anything extra once you have the Statping binary installed.

Run on Any Server

Whether you're a Docker fan-boy or a AWS EC2 master, Statping gives you multiple options to simply get running. Our Amazon AMI image (ami-7be8a103) is only 8Gb and will automatically update to the most stable version of Statping. Running on an EC2 server might be the most cost effective way to host your own Statping Status Page. The server runs on the smallest EC2 instance (t2.nano) AWS has to offer, which only costs around $4.60 USD a month for your dedicated Status Page. Want to run it on your own Docker server? Awesome! Statping has multiple docker-compose.yml files to work with. Statping can automatically create a SSL Certification for your status page.


Statping includes multiple Notifiers to alert you when your services are offline. You can also create your own notifier and send a Push Request to this repo!

Creating a custom notifier is pretty easy as long as you follow the requirements. A notifier will automatically be installed into the users Statping database, and form values will save without any hassles. 💃

User Created Plugins

Statping isn't just another Status Page for your applications, it's a framework that allows you to create your own plugins to interact with every element of your status page. Plugin are created in Golang using the statup/plugin golang package. The plugin package has a list of interfaces/events to accept into your own plugin application.

Exporting Static HTML

If you want to use Statping as a CLI application without running a server, you can export your status page to a static HTML. This export tool is very useful for people who want to export their HTML and upload/commit it to Github Pages or an FTP server.

statup export
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