Espruino Xmas Lights
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Espruino Xmas lights

Simple hack and slash of battery light string. Here are the ones used to produce this

Basic Build

The example link above is a 3 AA battery powered string with resistor limiting the circuit voltage to just over 3v. Figure out the positive and negative leads (in this case, the negative lead had the resistor on it) and hook them into A1 and GND ports on the Espruino.


Pushing the on board button on the Espruino will cycle the modes. The modes are:

  1. A cycled pattern.
  2. Steady blink
  3. Random light on duration with a 200ms off durationn.


If hacking apart lights and using this code burns down your house or sets the cat on fire, I'm not to blame. By reading this statement you absolve me of any liability should Mr Fluffy Wuffy lose his prize winning coat or your amiibo army merge into one molten plastic mess. You agree to use anything in this guide at your own risk.