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Raspberry Pi (with Espruino) Plant Monitor

For the Espruino part see Espurino-Plant-Monitoring-System

This raspberry pi component is a python program to read the data of the Espruino and send it to a HTTP URL as a POST request. I've included a PHP example server application that takes this post data and saves it into a file - overwriting the file each time new data arrives.

Hardware Setup

The setup is pretty straight forward:

  • Make sure your pi is interent enabled via lan port / wifi dongle
  • Plug the Espruino into a spare USB slot and Bob's your mother's brother.

Software Setup

You'll need to probably apt-get install python-serial at least. For the other requirements, you may have them if you've done any GPIO work on the pi.

If you're using the example php app then you'll need to have some web server somewhere setup. The code was tested on php 7.0.

You'll want to add a cron job to update the server once in a while, edit your cron tab:

crontab -e

Append to the bottom of the file the following to have it run every 5 minutes:

*/5 * * * * /usr/bin/python /root/plantmonitor/ > /dev/null 2>&1

note: If not using the root user, make sure the path is correct to where you've cloned the script and make sure your user who is running the cron job has permissions.


Python script to run on rasp pi to read espruino sensor data over serial and punt it to a website as a post request (Example php app to handle request included)





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